Alfa Romeo racer Valtteri Bottas’ nude calendar raises $150,000 plus for men’s health charity

Valtteri Bottas has revealed the figures raked in by his nude calendar for men's health charity, and they have gone north of $150,000!

Alfa Romeo racer Valtteri Bottas’ nude calendar raises $150,000 plus for men’s health charity

Valtteri Bottas rose to fame in the Formula One world perhaps as one of the longest serving teammates to Mercedes’ marqueé driver Lewis Hamilton. The 10-time Grand Prix winner was recruited by Alfa Romeo at the end of the 2021 F1 season as he was replaced by newbie Silver Arrows racer George Russell. Since then, Bottas has maintained his place in the middle ranks of the Championship Standings, and has ventured into some other fields too–including nude photography.

During the 2022 season, the Finnish posted a picture of his bare buttocks on Instagram which garnered positive reviews from the fans worldwide. His partner, Tiffany Cromwell, had taken the butt-naked picture of the racer in Aspen, Colorado. It got 443,405 likes and over 9,000 comments at the time of writing. Then, he went ahead to cash in on the popularity of his naked glory by partnering with famed photographer Paul Ripke. They released some limited-edition prints of Bottas’ naked bum pictures which were sold for charity. The sell accumulated a large sum of €50,000.


Now, Bottas’ prints have been made into a calendar after the 10,000 copies of the prints sold out on And the calendar has gathered enough money to propel his initiative called Men’s Health Movember.

With the donations and with the calendars we have together raised a substantial amount for Movember - meaning WE have really helped and will affect and save many people's lives. Final figures to be calculated in the next days, but we are talking around $150k of funds raised!
Valtteri Bottas talked about the success of his nude calendar, via

Valtteri Bottas talked about how it felt to see his naked pictures in fans’ living rooms

Valtteri Bottas was previously asked about his feelings seeing his naked pictures displayed in the fans’ homes. He did admit it felt ‘crazy’ but he took it all in stride since the money from the prints supported a good cause.

I was seeing some people have it in their living room or kitchen or bedroom. It’s crazy. I don’t quite get it. But, you know, we make good.
Valtteri Bottas (via Twitter)

Bottas also revealed how his mother felt that he was going down a PG-13 route by selling pictures of his nakedness. He had to assure her that it was all for charity, and the funds raised would specifically go towards research for prostate cancer. Valtteri Bottas’ Instagram also revealed that he would be giving away five signed copies of his ‘Bottass’ calendar to some random followers who engaged with his, Tiffany Cromwell’s and Paul Ripke’s official accounts.


In other news, Bottas’ partner Tiffany Cromwell is also an athlete and an Olympian of her own. She hails from Australia and is a pro road and gravel cyclist. She co-founded the gin brand called ‘Oath Gin’ with Bottas. Valtteri was previously married to Emilia Pikkareinen, an Olympic swimmer from Finland. But the two called it quits in 2019 as Valtteri Bottas talked about the difficulties his ‘career and life situation bring’.

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