F1 offers $200 shop vouchers instead of refunds to single-day ticket holders for the Las Vegas GP after Friday fiasco

F1 did not apologize to fans for removing them from the grandstands before FP2 at the Las Vegas GP.

F1 offers $200 shop vouchers instead of refunds to single-day ticket holders for the Las Vegas GP after Friday fiasco

Empty Grandstands at the Las Vegas GP (Via IMAGO)

Formula 1 had a rough start to the Las Vegas GP. Carlos Sainz incurred heavy damage to his car within 10 minutes of FP1 due to a manhole cover. The session was canceled after this incident. Moreover, fans were removed from the grandstands for the second practice session. Now, F1 has announced vouchers for fans who only had tickets for Friday at the Vegas weekend.


Single-day ticket holders for the Las Vegas GP saw less than 10 minutes of on-track action. Fans didn’t get to see any running in FP2 as F1 left all grandstands empty due to logistical issues. However, instead of issuing refunds, the sport has decided to give $200 vouchers that can be used in the official merchandise stall.

A statement issued by F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali and Las Vegas GP CEO Renee Wilm shortly after the end of FP2. The sport emphasized that safety remains the priority. With the shop vouchers being a token of appreciation for fans as they remained patient despite the circumstances. However, Domenicali and Wilm did not mention the possibility of a refund or even apologize for the situation.

We appreciate your patience while we remedied the situation. This was not a decision we took lightly. As a thank you for your support, we would like to offer you a $200 voucher to the Las Vegas Grand Prix Official Shop.
Stefano Domenicali and Renee Wilm said in the official F1 statement

F1 hopes fans will understand the Las Vegas GP situation

The sport thanked the authorities for ensuring that the situation was managed smoothly. Additionally, the F1 CEO appreciated the transportation employees who drove fans back to the hotel within their working hours under Federal law along with the hospitality staff for working around the clock to meet the requirements of all fans.

Las Vegas GP circuit during FP2
Las Vegas GP circuit during Free Practice (Via F1)

Stefano Domenicali admitted that it was disappointing to have fans removed from their seats for FP2. However, the 58-year-old hoped that the attendees would understand that all interests must be taken into account while making a decision in such circumstances. As F1 tried to ensure a safe and secure experience for the entire weekend.

We know this was disappointing. We hope our fans will understand based on this explanation that we had to balance many interests, including the safety and security of all participants and the fan experience over the whole race weekend

Domenicali went as far as saying that situations like this happen in concerts and events as well.

We have all been to events, like concerts, games and even other Formula 1 races, that have been canceled because of factors like weather or technical issues. It happens, and we hope people will understand.

Certainly, Formula 1 has not gained any favor after the dismal start to the Las Vegas GP. However, the sport would be looking to ensure smooth functioning for the rest of the weekend. F1 has high expectations for the main race on Sunday as 20 of the best drivers battle it out for the race win in front of the iconic Las Vegas Strip.


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