Alpine boss hails Mick Schumacher’s decision to go to WEC, claims he is ‘underestimated in Formula 1’

The French Boss of Alpine, Bruno Famin insisted that Mick Schumacher was underestimated in Formula 1 due to his short lived career on the grid.

Alpine boss hails Mick Schumacher’s decision to go to WEC, claims he is ‘underestimated in Formula 1’

Bruno Famin and Mick Schumacher (via IMAGO)

The German driver Mick Schumacher had a short stint in Formula 1 where he failed to impress the paddock enough to score a seat for another couple of years. After exiting F1, Alpine Boss Bruno Famin talked about his future within the FIA’s World Endurance Championship (WEC).

He didn’t have any seats to race in F1 in the 2024 season, so he decided to join Alpine’s WEC team. The French racing boss commented that Mick Schumacher deserved to drive in the WEC. Famin recalled the past victories from Mick and called him ‘underestimated’ in F1. Additionally, he applauded Mick for his exceptional racing skills.


Speaking at the Formula 1 paddock with Mick, when you’re negotiating, you’re clear that you can’t miss out on having him on the WEC team. I am convinced that it is underestimated in Formula 1, we must not forget that he is champion of Formula 2 and Formula 3, he has very good skills,

Famin said, as reported by

In addition to this, Bruno Famin also claimed that the team carried out a special test just for Schumacher because of his career in motorsports. He further talked about how Alpine took Schumacher for the cup and not the other five or ten special pilots for the WEC.

We carried out a test only for him because he has made his entire career in single-seaters and we needed him to discover the world of the Resistance. We wanted to know if he was open-minded to have a complete program on Alpine. That is why we did not take five or ten pilots, more than anything because the conclusion would have been more limited.

Mick Schumacher continues to be the Mercedes reserve driver in F1

However, competing in the WEC didn’t mean a vacation from the great circus of F1 for the German driver. According to the contract, in the weeks when the WEC collides with F1, he was supposed to appear for Formula 1 as a priority. The remainder of the time, he will be present with Alpine for the Endurance Cup according to the contract.

Mick Schumacher.
Mick Schumacher (via IMAGO).

Famin also commented on this said contract and highlighted that the contract was clear with Mick Schumacher in case of any changes during F1. He also talked about F1 as the priority sport rather than WEC. Finally, Famin exclaimed how Schumacher would bring great ideas and methodology to Alpine from the WEC.


The 24-year-old driver might just have missed on out an opportunity due to a bad stint in Formula 1. However, racing might be instilled in Mick’s roots as he is the son of one of the greatest Michael Schumacher. Hence, an opportunity in WEC would be great for Schumacher to showcase his racing skills to the world.

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