“Start up next year’s car as soon as possible,” Aston Martin have their eager eyes set on the 2024 season

Aston Martin have 2024 already in their sight but does not want to sacrifice their 2023 challenger for it.

“Start up next year’s car as soon as possible,” Aston Martin have their eager eyes set on the 2024 season

Aston Martin's Technical Director, Dan Fallows (Credits: Total Motorsport)

Aston Martin has already set its sights on the 2024 season and is eager to start working on the new car as soon as possible. While they have enjoyed great success so far in the 2023 season, the team’s technical director, Dan Fallows, has emphasized that they will not neglect the development of the current car. Instead, they will work on anything that can bring improvements to the AMR23.


“We want to start up next year’s car as soon as possible,” Fallows said in an interview with French media Auto Hebdo. “For us, it’s not about sacrificing this year’s car. Inevitably it will be an evolution of this.” This approach highlights the importance of balancing the team’s current success with the need to plan for the future. 

Aston Martin has made significant progress this season and currently occupies the second position in the Constructors’ World Championship, behind only Red Bull, and ahead of their engine suppliers, Mercedes. They have a very balanced car that has been almost flawless except for the DRS issue in Baku. It suits almost all the tracks and is very good on the tyres as well. 

At the start of the 2023 season, Aston Martin made significant changes to their team, recruiting top talent from Mercedes and Red Bull, including Dan Fallows. These efforts have already paid off as the team has surpassed half the grid from seventh place. In just the first five races of the season, they have scored almost twice the points they scored in the entire 2022 season and bagged four podiums in the first five races thanks to Fernando Alonso


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Aston Martin hopes they can get more data for 2024 from the upgrades planned this season 

Aston Martin team boss, Mike Krack looks over at the 2023 car
Aston Martin team boss, Mike Krack looks over the 2023 car (Credits: F1i)

Aston Martin’s 2023 car was designed as a close replica of Red Bull’s 2022 car, which has been extremely successful. However, the team has planned updates for their current challenger, and they are hoping to continue their strong form throughout the season. 

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Aston Martin is keen to get to work on their new car and have already started planning. While they will continue to focus on the current season, they are aware that the key to long-term success is planning for the future. “Anything we can do to get data and updates about this year’s car will definitely help, but we seek to start as soon as possible,” said Fallows.

It remains to be seen what the team has planned for the 2024 car. They may opt to build on the current Red Bull design or create an entirely new car. Either way, the team’s focus on the future indicates that they are determined to maintain their newfound success and continue their upward trajectory.


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