Aston Martin to bring in massive upgrades for Spanish GP

Providing some details for the teams in the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix.

Spanish Grand Prix

Spanish Grand Prix could turn out to be one of the most upgraded versions of the 2022 regulated cars. Almost all teams other than Red Bull and Haas could show up with at least a small not detailed upgrade.

Aston Martin has decided to come up with new upgrades for both drivers. And it is rumoured to be half of a new car as an upgrade the Green team might show up with. 

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Auto Motor und Sport’s, Tobi Grüner confirmed the rumour as a true one, it was before thought only Lance Strolls’ car would be the one to be upgraded.

Aston Martin will also run a big upgrade package at Barcelona,” he wrote on Twitter. “Both cars will be fitted with the full kit according to our information. Last parts to arrive at the track this evening.”

Further upgrades for the rest of the team for the Spanish Grand Prix

Upgrades for Spanish Grand Prix
Upgrades could really shake up the pecking chance for all the teams in the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix

Teams coming to Spain with all the upgrades could shake up the order we might see today. Alfa Romeo is coming to Spain with upgrades on their front wings and their floor, with the wind tunnels showing proper results they could have a major impact overall. It won’t be available to both the cars, with one of them going on the track with slightly fewer parts.

One car will have the full kit, the other will miss a few parts,” Tobi added.

McLaren is also coming full out with their upgrades, majorly on brakes going from old titanium to proper carbon fibre. Andreas Seidl pointed out on all the teams with the upgrades might tighten them up again for the points 

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 “We are bringing some upgrades to the car for the weekend.

I know it’s been an extremely busy week or so for many of the teams making changes ahead of Barcelona, so it’s going to continue to be a tight fight for points.”

With Red Bull shifting their major upgrades on Silverstone, Ferrari has been handed an open chance to charge the Bull by perfecting their upgrades, which would basically cover the floors to help them with porpoising and side pods to lessen the drag.

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