“At the moment he doesn’t have it in him to be world champion” : Nico Rosberg dissects Carlos Sainz’s possible title credentials

Nico Rosberg contends that Carlos Sainz is far off from winning the World Championship at the moment.

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz could be extremely happy with a P2 finish despite coming close to winning the Canadian Grand Prix. But 2016 Formula One World Championship winner Nico Rosberg doesn’t think Sainz will be able to challenge Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc this year and contend for the world championship.

“Sainz has it in him to be a good driver at Ferrari, but at the moment he doesn’t have it in him to be world champion. In terms of performance, Leclerc has outperformed him every race this year,” analyzed the former F1 driver regarding the Spaniard’s performance this season.

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Carlos Sainz has plenty of room for improvement: Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg

The World Championship’s grandeur is evident. Sainz is two spots behind Leclerc, who is in third place with a total of 126 points. He is also yet to succeed in winning his first Formula 1 race, despite numerous opportunities to do so.

Rosberg believes Sainz can still make sufficient progress. However, Sainz might still win the world championship, according to Rosberg. He contends that Sainz could start off with successfully outscoring his teammate Charles Leclerc in races, who has a better shot at the World Championship as of now.

“He still has to make a lot of progress, which is quite a surprise after last year. Of course, the car is completely different, so maybe he needs more time to master everything,” concluded the German-Finnish former F1 driver.

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