‘Charles is literally Harry Styles’: Fans lose their minds as McLaren post an image of the ‘Twitch Quartet’ as a band

McLaren have posted an image of the 'Twitch Quartet' that is sure to live in the memory of fans for a very long time.

McLaren's depiction of the Twitch Quartet
McLaren's depiction of the Twitch Quartet

The ‘Twitch Quartet’ – consisting of Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, George Russell and Alex Albon are some of the most well-liked, rated and supported drivers on the grid. They are of relatively the same ages, have similar light-hearted demeanours, and have fairly cordial relationships with each other.

But why are they called the ‘Twitch Quartet’? During the pandemic, when the season was on hold, and the drivers were stuck inside their houses, they took to Twitch to stream gaming content, and built up quite a fan following for themselves. Their twitch streams also gave some iconic moments, like Charles Leclerc wearing a banana costume.

While the racing has resumed now, it’s not as if their friendships have fallen off a cliff, and the streams are still fondly remembered by fans. This is how the nickname ‘The Twitch Quartet’ came into being. And recently, McLaren posted an image which would remind fans of the time once again.

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McLaren seem to have broken Twitter

The Twitch Quartet depicted by McLaren
The Twitch Quartet depicted by McLaren

Taking to their Twitter account, McLaren posted an image of the four drivers – Leclerc, Verstappen, Norris and Albon depicted as members of a four-piece band. This band featured Charles Leclerc on vocals, George Russell shirtless in bass (like Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Alex Albon on the drums, and Lando Norris on…the triangle.

The origin of the image stemmed from a reply on reddit by Alex Albon, where he called Charles Leclerc as ‘Harry Styles 2.0’ owing to his popularity with the fans, and calling George Russell a ‘Enrique Iglesias wannabe’.

And fans certainly picked up on the Harry Styles reference.

While Mercedes made another version of the ‘George Russell is the type of guy’ meme, one fan noticed the resemblance to Flea.

The electric guitar was notably absent from this combination, but the joke still stands as (Bass) Guitar George.

One fan tweeted out an image of Bruce McLaren, Graham Hill, Trevor Taylor and Dan Gurney playing as a band.

Fans want a comeback of the Twitch quartet, and who can blame them for it?

The Twitch Quartet, will in fact return this weekend, but it’ll be for racing, and against each other for that matter. However, Alex Albon’s participation is not yet confirmed, as the Williams star had suffered respiratory failure after an appendicitis operation. He is well out of danger now.

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