Christian Horner gives a major update on Adrian Newey’s future with Red Bull amidst retirement rumours

Adrian Newey has won 11 constructor championships with three different teams.

Christian Horner gives a major update on Adrian Newey’s future with Red Bull amidst retirement rumours

Christian Horner and Adrian Newey. Image via Red Bull Racing.

Adrian Newey is the chief technical officer of the Red Bull Racing F1 team. He has enjoyed success as a race engineer, aerodynamicist, designer, and technical director. Newey is one of the brilliant minds in Formula 1. He played a vital role in developing the Red Bull cars. It helped Max Verstappen to win world championships. It is no doubt that Christian Horner is thankful to have him on the team. 


There were speculations in March which claimed Adrian Newey’s contract is up for renewal. Team boss Christian Horner put those rumors to rest. He assured fans that the 64-year-old is committed to the team. Horner spoke to Sky Sports News about Adrian Newey’s future at Red Bull. Newey is also the reason behind Red Bull’s dominant start to the 2023 season.

Christian Horner stated, “His heart is still very much in Formula 1 and his commitment to the team is, it’s not something…We don’t talk about contracts or longevity of contracts, but he’ll be here for many years to come. There are always going to be rumours in this paddock, that’s Formula 1.” Though very little is known about Newey’s contract, the Red Bull boss is sure that Adrian Newey will remain in Red Bull for many years.

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Christian Horner, Adrian Newey. Image via Sportskeeda.

This is Adrian Newey’s fifth decade in Formula 1. He helped design the championship-winning cars at Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull. Christian Horner further added, “He’s such an important part of our team and popular part of our team. It’s great to have him with us for the long term, but also to be involved in some of the things we’re now getting involved in.” Newey is also working on other Red Bull projects apart from F1. 

Christian Horner also spoke about Max Verstappen’s future in F1. The 25-year-old hinted that he might not race beyond his current contract with the team, which expires at the end of the 2028 season. Verstappen also revealed that he could walk away from the sport early due to the F1 format changes. Horner admitted that he does not think Verstappen will race in F1 during his later years.

Despite all the rumors, Red Bull is still the season’s favorite. Along with Newey and Verstappen, the team could continue winning championships. Christian Horner is happy with where the team is right now. However, there are 20 races left to go. The other teams on the grid will bring updates and gain performance. There are chances that it might change the pecking order. Nevertheless, Red Bull has the most dominant package so far. 

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