Christian Horner set to be EXPOSED as anonymous source leaks evidence against the Briton from Red Bull’s investigation

Christian Horner was recently cleared of any allegations from Red Bull and was looking ahead at the 2024 season. However, a new leak could turn shake things up for the 50-year-old once again.

Christian Horner set to be EXPOSED as anonymous source leaks evidence against the Briton from Red Bull’s investigation

Christian Horner (Via: IMAGO)

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner was recently cleared of any allegations of inappropriate behavior against the employee. The principal walked scott-free from the entire investigation despite major evidence against the boss. Following the investigation results, the Briton refused to make any comments about the entire occurrence.

Hence, as the teams head into the first race weekend of the 2024 season, major news is surfacing regarding the entire investigation. Apart from this, even Red Bull refused to release an investigation report of the team principal and has decided to keep the entire matter private. Additionally, even Max Verstappen had a blunt comment before the verdict was released.

According to a new report, a Google Drive folder containing WhatsApp messages, and other photos and evidence was leaked. The leaks were against Christian Horner’s favor and were sent from an anonymous email to everyone. Hundreds of journalists, other team principals, Liberty Media, and even F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali received the files. Hence, the entire case might turn against the favor of Christian Horner and cause him major trouble.

Apart from this, Red Bull might be in big trouble for falsifying an entire investigation and turning it in favor of the principal. However, Christian Horner had previously denied all allegations and reaffirmed his integrity against the case. Regardless, with this new information, time will tell about how the entire Investigation saga pans out.

Christian Horner refused to delve into the details of the investigation

The principal was spotted alongside his team for the practice sessions in Bahrain and was even present at the RB20 shakedown previously. Hence, Horner was questioned about the entire investigation. The 50-year-old claimed that he was ‘pleased’ with the investigation’s conclusion and his being innocent. However, the principal refused to dive into any further details about the entire saga.

Christian Horner
Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner (via IMAGO)

Christian Horner seemed hesitant to comment or even discuss anything regarding the investigation. Hence, with suspicious behavior from the entire team, there might be a possibility of something fishy going on behind the curtains. Regardless, the team continues to look forward to the commencement of the 2024 season.

Red Bull even had replacements in place if the investigation were to be against Horner. However, with Horner being cleared of any such allegations, the team will work under the Briton. Christian Horner is hopeful of defending both titles for the team. Additionally, the 50-year-old claimed that the team had never been stronger than their 2024 campaign.

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