Max Verstappen gives BLUNT answer when asked about Christian Horner’s investigation saga

Max Verstappen gave a straight forward reply when the reigning F1 icon was asked about Christian Horner's inappropriate investigation.

Max Verstappen gives BLUNT answer when asked about Christian Horner’s investigation saga

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen (Via IMAGO)

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has been put under investigation over inappropriate behavior allegations. The 50-year-old was questioned for hours by the external barrister. However, the Briton continues to serve as the team boss at Milton Keynes. Max Verstappen has now given a straightforward answer about the impact the case has had on him.

The three-time world champion was asked if the current state of the investigation affected him. Verstappen made it clear that Christian Horner’s case had no impact on him. The 26-year-old was simply focused on driving the radically-designed RB20 in Bahrain. Although, the Dutchman hoped for a quick resolution to this case.

It doesn’t. I just focus on myself and driving the car, and hopefully it will be resolved very soon.

Max Verstappen said in a press conference (H&T: @RBR_Daily/X)

Previously, it had been reported that Max Verstappen’s father Jos Verstappen had a fallout with Horner over this case. However, Christian Horner has denied these rumors. The Briton has insisted that business was as usual at Milton Keynes despite the ongoing case over such serious allegations.

Christian Horner continues as Team Principal at Bahrain GP

Christian Horner has continued to serve as the Red Bull Team Principal. The 50-year-old reportedly has the support of Red Bull’s majority co-owner Chaleo Yoovidhya. However, it is clear that the Briton’s future remains uncertain till the official verdict of the case is released by Red Bull GmbH.

Christian Horner
Christian Horner (Via: IMAGO)

The report on Horner’s case has been sent to Red Bull’s Austria headquarters. Moreover, a decision is likely on the horizon as early as the Bahrain GP. Recently, Daniel Ricciardo advocated for a transparent and quick process for the entire investigation into Christian Horner.

It must be noted that Horner has denied all accusations so far. The 50-year-old allegedly tried to settle the case for $800,000 with the female employee. However, the employee refused and might soon take this case to the English courts.

Nevertheless, Christian Horner remains innocent until proven guilty. Certainly, the verdict of this case would have massive ramifications for Red Bull and Formula 1. The pinnacle of motorsport would need to place stricter measures to ensure a safe working environment if Horner is found guilty. Fans would be eagerly waiting for the official verdict.

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