Daniel Ricciardo admits he is a ‘fan’ of Red Bull’s approach, claims their ‘response to a strong 2023’ is admirable

The Aussie is described as the team leader at VCARB amid rumours of him joining Red Bull.

Daniel Ricciardo admits he is a ‘fan’ of Red Bull’s approach, claims their ‘response to a strong 2023’ is admirable

Daniel Ricciardo (via imago)

Daniel Ricciardo is a part of the Red Bull family of drivers and has close connections with the reigning champion. The current VCARB driver has been quite vocal about the changes made to RB19’s successor. Following that, the Aussie has deemed himself a fan of the Red Bull’s approach and how productive they are.


The 34-year-old was himself a driver for the Austrian constructor earlier and was involved with the team deeply. Despite the eight-time winner’s breakup with the team, he has admired the way that the team have developed their 2024 challenger even after a dominating 2023 season. In the paddock, RB20 stunned everyone by using Mercedes-inspired aerodynamic elements and made such complexities work on their car. Subsequently, Ricciardo made comments on the team’s approach and how they work continuously to achieve new heights.

Whether I'm part of the family or not, I just – as a fan – love to see that kind of relentless approach and response to such a strong year. It's like you have to, in a way, admire it. I know, obviously, for fans watching on the couch, they're like, 'Nah, I want someone to challenge Red Bull this year'. But you have to admire their approach.
Daniel Ricciardo said as reported by motorsport.com

The Aussie explained that he is a fan of the Red Bull team and that they are always in a rush to achieve more. Unlike other teams, the Austrian manufacturer doesn’t go into a laid-back approach when they are winning and continues to find new ways to develop their success. Moreover, he shared that fans must feel that their dominance is boring but in some way, we should admire it.

Daniel Ricciardo rejects the claims of VCARB being a Red Bull clone

There have been numerous instances in the past when teams have copied other teams. The most infamous incident is of Racing Point in 2020 when they copied Mercedes down to every inch. However, the current set of allegations on VCARB are very different as both teams are owned by Red Bull, and now Ricciardo has dismissed any claims of the sister team being the same as RB19.

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo (via IMAGO).
The team has always taken itself seriously, but this is another step up now. It’s no longer just a platform for Red Bull Racing; it’s a time for us to fight, you know, at the front of the midfield
Daniel Ricciardo said as reported by thesportsrush.com

Amid the identity crisis, fans believe that the team has fallen into, Ricciardo is convinced that the team has its technical staff and their personnel. The 34-year-old reckons that the team would only be forging a partnership with Red Bull like the way Haas and Ferrari are, but will have much more control over its resources.

On the contrary, Ricciardo is now preparing for the season opener in Bahrain. Historically, it has not been a track where the Australian has been too successful. However, he would like to iron out the mistakes and perform on a high level during the race.

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