Daniel Ricciardo urges F1 to change ‘sketchy’ Las Vegas GP timings for ‘everyone’s health and safety’

Daniel Ricciardo claimed that the Las Vegas GP schedule was not healthy for the F1 paddock.

Daniel Ricciardo urges F1 to change ‘sketchy’ Las Vegas GP timings for ‘everyone’s health and safety’

Daniel Ricciardo (Via IMAGO)

The Las Vegas GP was arguably the biggest race weekend on the F1 calendar this year. The Vegas street race was a grand spectacle set in the world capital of entertainment. However, the unusual schedule of the weekend has faced backlash from drivers and fans. Now, AlphaTauri’s Daniel Ricciardo has emphasized the need to change the timings for next season.


Ricciardo claimed that the timings of the Las Vegas GP weekend seemed sketchy. The Vegas race weekend took place at late nights with Qualifying starting at midnight on Friday. The main race started at 10 pm local night on Saturday.

The Australian driver acknowledged that F1 needs to manage the schedule according to the road closures in the city. However, the 34-year-old reckoned that if F1 has any room for adjustments then it must alter the timings for 2024. Daniel Ricciardo claimed that this was necessary for the health and safety of everyone in the paddock.

It was definitely sketchy, I don't know what they can do with the track opening times, but if they do have flexibility, I think for everyone's health and safety, they need to bring it forward.
Daniel Ricciardo said as reported by RacingNews365

Moreover, the AlphaTauri driver admitted that the entire grid was feeling unwell after the long night on Thursday. As the delayed second practice session ended at 4 am on Friday.

I feel like all of us have probably been delirious and hallucinating.

Daniel Ricciardo wants F1 to change the date of the 2024 Las Vegas GP

The Australian driver was informed that the next iteration of the Las Vegas GP will be the first race in a triple header alongside Qatar and Abu Dhabi. Daniel Ricciardo was far from impressed. The Australian driver made it clear that Formula 1 needs to bring the race forward in the calendar to prevent more fatigue in the paddock.

That does not get my vote, now knowing that, they need to bring [the Las Vegas schedule] forward, because we'll be wrecked.
Daniel Ricciardo in the Las Vegas GP paddock
Daniel Ricciardo in the Las Vegas GP paddock (Via IMAGO)

Moreover, Ricciardo suggested that the asphalt on the Vegas Strip Circuit needs to be improved. Drivers struggled to get traction during the entire weekend with multiple cars colliding on the first lap of the race. Although, it remains to be seen if Formula 1 would indeed try and alter the tarmac before next year’s race.

Certainly, the Las Vegas GP needs to make a few changes before next season’s race. Daniel Ricciardo is one of many drivers in the paddock who have criticized the race’s schedule. However, F1 has not made any comment regarding any potential changes for next season. As such, fans would have to wait and see if there are any alterations made for the 2024 Las Vegas GP.

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