Charles Leclerc reveals which F1 driver on the grid has the best drip as he includes Lewis Hamilton in the running

Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc were asked to select who, amongst the current F1 drivers, has the best ‘drip’ and they obviously included Lewis Hamilton in the discussion.

Charles Leclerc reveals which F1 driver on the grid has the best drip as he includes Lewis Hamilton in the running

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc (via imago)

The Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, had quite a contrasting Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend. While Leclerc managed to display incredible pace throughout the weekend, Sainz had to bear the brunt of the FIA’s sheer incompetence as he was allegedly wrongfully penalized. Still, thanks to the SF-23 ‘s pace in Vegas, the Ferrari duo ended their run with a P2 for Leclerc and a P6 for Sainz.

In a newly-surfaced video, the Maranello racers have been seen answering a reporter’s questions in a rapid-fire round. They were supposedly asked to name the current F1 driver with the most ‘drip’. Sainz, upon hearing the question, seemed visibly confused in the video as he proceeded to ask “Drip!? What does it mean exactly, what is drip?” Leclerc explained the internet terminology to his teammate and continued further with his answer.

Charles Leclerc named three drivers Zhou Guanyu, Pierre Gasly, and Lewis Hamilton in his answer. He expanded on Guanyu being a rising presence in the paddock in terms of his style. Previously Zhou Guanyu had revealed his love for sneakers as he was touted as ‘THE’ sneakerhead in the paddock. Lewis Hamilton, on the other hand, has been widely recognized for his brave style and his several modeling side gigs. Hamilton is famous for his brilliant dressing sense and has led F1’s styling game for a long time.

Zhou Guanyu’s adoration for Sneakers and his disdain for one particular shoe

Alfa Romeo’s rising star, Zhou Guanyu, who entered the F1 scene in 2022, recently opened up about his deep love for sneakers in an interview with Complex. The Chinese driver shared insights into the significance of shoes in Chinese school culture, emphasizing their role as a representation of personal identity, a sentiment rooted in his formative years. Recalling his time in the UK, where school attire typically involved blazers and boots, Zhou expressed appreciation for the freedom to wear sneakers casually in Chinese schools.

Zhou Guanyu (via Imago)
Zhou Guanyu (via Imago)

He reminisced about his fondness for Kobe Bryant‘s sneakers, particularly the Kobe 4s and 5s, which he wore during his school days in China. According to Zhou, “Sneakers are what you represent. That’s really what I love.” In a light-hearted tone, Guanyu humorously expressed his distaste for the ubiquitous ‘Panda Dunks,’ noting their overwhelming popularity.

Because everybody walking on the street, in any country you go to, any city, so many people have them.

Zhou’s passion for sneakers goes beyond casual appreciation, as evidenced by his choice of racing number, ’24,’ a tribute to Kobe Bryant and the Kobe sneakers that left a lasting impression on him during his upbringing. In the world of F1, Zhou stands out not only for his racing prowess but also for his status as a bona fide sneaker-head in the paddock.