“Dude kept digging his own hole”: F1 Twitter bashes Aston Martin eSports driver for his absurd comments on women

Aston Martin eSports racer Simon Weigang

Since forever, Formula 1 has been viewed as an elitist sport that is reserved only for the rich, white, supremacist males in Europe. But now, times have changed and it is becoming more and more inclusive towards all races, castes and sexes. And alongside that, Formula 1 has also gained a much wider fanbase that is more knowledgeable about the various social concerns that plague the world of motorsports today.

In a recent report, it was revealed that four female racers–Abbi Pulling, Chloe Chambers, Tereza Babickova, and Hamda Al Qubaisi–got an opportunity to drive at the Formula 3 test in France. Thus, the FIA is making huge strides in an attempt to abolish gender-based prejudices in motorsports. And in the middle of all that, Aston Martin eSports racer Simon Weigang went on a rant today on Twitter about the “clear cut sexism” against men at his gym.

When Weigang sent out a series of texts to show his frustration at the fact that women are allowed to wear sleeveless gym clothes and work out at a private spot while men are not, F1 fans on Twitter tried to tutor him about his misconceptions. The German eSports racer has come under fire today as the social media users are shunning him for his ignorant tweets.

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“God, those tweets are embarrassing”: Twitter fans are not happy with Aston Martin eSport racer’s posts

As a part of the motorsports community, all the racers are expected to respect some rules regarding delicate social matters such as gender roles. But when Aston Martin eSports driver Simon Weigang started posting incessantly about the alleged mistreatment towards men that he has noticed, the Twitterati tried giving him a lecture on the difference between equality and equity.

Here are the comments that F1 fans are sending to Simon Weigang following his series of tweets:

Thus, it is quite evident that the fans have not taken kindly to Weigang’s words, and some of them have even called on Aston Martin to take some actions to educate him on gender bias. But the British team has not yet given any statement on this issue. So, it remains to be seen if Simon is held accountable by his team for his objectionable tweets that he public posted for the fans to see.

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