“Everything has worked out so far,” Sebastian Vettel surprises himself with his blistering performance in free practice

Sebastian Vettel ends up P4 in FP2

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel

F1 returned to Canada after 2 long years of waiting, and Sebastian Vettel put on a show for the fans in FP2 after outperforming in the Aston Martin. Vettel is a 4-time World Champion, and a man with millions of fans and followers, one of the experts on the track. Yet, since this season started with the change in regulations, Aston Martin hadn’t been able to cope up. The team barely could score any points or be even competitive in the slightest way. But after a P6 finish from the German in Baku and scoring 8 points, hopes lit up for the fans. 

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Vettel has managed to win at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2013 and 2018 with Red Bull and Ferrari, so it is obvious that he has knowledge of the track, but with the car AMR22, it seems hard to score even a handful of points. But, Vettel managed to set a hot, blistering lap at 1:14.442 in the same car, just three-tenths behind Max Verstappen, which put him at P4 in fastest laps, right behind Verstappen and both the Ferraris. “I really enjoy the track. If you have confidence in the car, you can get a little more out of this track,” PlanetF1 quoted the German.

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I lost the car a couple of times,” Sebastian Vettel on going wide at turn 1 multiple times

Sebastian Vettel celebrating his 2018 Canada win
Sebastian Vettel celebrating his 2018 Canada win

Although he has multiple victories on the track, Sebastian Vettel went wide at the first turn a couple of times during the session. He stated that the track is a little tricky to get right, and at the same time not being here for the past 2 years has made him lose his grip on the same. 

“We had a few things that we wanted to try,” he added. “We succeeded.”

“Whether they’re really better now or not, I’m not so sure. But at least everything has worked out so far.

“And I hope we can improve [the car] a bit for Saturday. And then we’ll see what’s in it.”

This is the first time Aston Martin is visiting this track, and as of now, they have managed to score 15 points to stand 9th in the championship, tied with Haas F1 team. 

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