F1 pundit urges Max Verstappen to show ‘more diplomacy’ while sharing strong opinions

Max Verstappen has had quite a few furious outbursts over the years.

F1 pundit urges Max Verstappen to show ‘more diplomacy’ while sharing strong opinions

Max Verstappen and Gianpiero Lambiase (Via IMAGO)

Max Verstappen, the reigning F1 world champion, has a well-known reputation for being blunt while giving his infamous interviews. Verstappen has a knack for being ruthless in his interviews and this is something that he can look after, as per well-known F1 pundit, Martin Brundle.

The Brit has been associated with the pinnacle of motor racing for several years and has pretty much seen all the shenanigans that have taken place in the F1 paddock over the years. Banking on his vast experience, he believes that it would be in Max Verstappens‘s best interest if he could calm himself a bit during interviews going forward.


While shedding light on the same, the Sky F1 pundit pointed out that the Red Bull driver needs to find a balance and be more diplomatic while giving his opinion. Looking at the reaction of Brundle, it is quite clear that he has a fascinating view of Verstappen’s F1 off-track antics.

I can't help but feel that a little more diplomacy and balance would be more fitting to the legacy he will leave, and after all, we are all only guardians of this great sport as we pass through. Of course, he was feisty and a little wild as a teenager when first racing in F1. But he sorted that out and is mostly a model of calm out on track now, and as fair as anybody else when it comes to hard racing. I don't understand why he's still seen as the villain. 
Brundle said, as reported by The Mirror.

Max Verstappen has over the years become a bit calm in his demeanor

While Martin Brundle sees room for improvement for Max Verstappen, the latter has calmed down immensely in the last few years. When Verstappen first arrived at the pinnacle of motor racing, he was seen as a hothead who used to get into verbal as well as on-track tussles all the time.

Max Verstappen (Credits: Imago)
Max Verstappen (Credits: Imago)

Moreover, no one can forget how Verstappen reacted at the 2018 Brazilian GP when he collided with Esteban Ocon. The former was fuming in the F1 paddock and when he saw Ocon, he went up to him, dropped a few F-bombs, and also took it a bit too far by pushing the French driver.


The reigning world champion, Max Verstappen has become the hottest property at the pinnacle of motor racing in modern times, and if he is able to show a bit more thought while giving interviews, it will bode really well for him going ahead into the future at the pinnacle of motor racing.

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