“Juan Pablo Montoya finally gets his home Grand Prix” – F1 Reddit blows up as Colombia comes close to joining the F1 family

There is a possibility of Colombia playing host to a Formula 1 Grand Prix from the year 2024

Colombia GP

With the Formula 1 calendar being finalised for 2023 which in turn features a total of 24 races, some fans are left wondering what is left in store for the coming seasons. There have been speculations of a possible Colombian Grand Prix and it looks like there is a big possibility that it could come to pass.

The fans are excited over the possibility of this prospect and cannot wait to see FIA reach a deal with Colombia to add the country to the F1 calendar from 2024 onwards. This would be a huge move from the FIA and would also be a great way to introduce track fans have been waiting to see for quite a while.

The strong possibility of a Colombian Grand Prix opens up a lot of avenues for the sport of F1 and is a good way to inspire more drivers from the country to come and compete for a seat in the motorsport.

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F1 Reddit erupts up over the prospect of a Colombian GP

Colombia GP
Reddit erupted over the prospect of a Grand Prix in Colombia

Fans have gone berserk on Reddit at the possibility of a race being held in Colombia and have shown their enthusiasm in the comments.

Fans have commented saying, “Always happy to add more countries BUT I would love to see rotating contracts. About half the tracks on the calendar aren’t vital and could be moved to every other year to create room for all sorts of new ones,” another fan said, “Juan Pablo Montoya finally gets his home Grand Prix”

There have been other comments such as, “I’m not sure how many tracks would agree to only getting races every other year,” other fans have had varying comments saying, “Building and operating a new track is prohibitively expensive except where there is no accountability for government spending. So the options are either more temporary street tracks or not growing to new places. I don’t think that’s a great answer to your question but it’s pretty clear that’s where we are at right now.”

The response to the possibility of a Colombian GP have been varying but there is no confirmation from the management as of yet which could mean that this possibility might not come to pass as well.

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