“Alonso is only in F1 to get every helmet” – F1 Twitter blows up after Pierre Gasly and Fernando Alonso swap helmets

Pierre Gasly and Fernando Alonso were pictured swapping helmets in a recent snap shared by AlphaTauri.

The F1 2022 season has been eventful since the beginning and the fans are enjoying every moment of it. AlphaTauri recently took to Twitter to share an interesting picture in which Fernando Alonso was seen swapping helmets with Pierre Gasly. This particular picture has brought forward a lot of interesting reactions from the fans.

Both Gasly and Alonso are exceptional drivers in their own right and a helmet swap is a way of showing respect for one another. However, Alonso has swapped helmets with several drivers on the grid, thus showing his respect towards those drivers and the community.

This helmet swap could also be a sign that Gasly may end up replacing Alonso at Alpine since the team has made it clear that they would love to have the 26-year-old French driver with them next season alongside Esteban Ocon, thus giving them a full French lineup. However, as of now, there is no such news, but if Gasly finds a way to break his contract then that all could change.

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F1 twitter blows up over Fernando Alonso and Pierre Gasly’s helmet swap

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Pierre Gasly and Fernando Alonso

AlphaTauri recently shared a picture on their social media, showing Fernando Alonso and Gasly swapping helmets with each other. The fans went crazy over this piece of news and retweeted some extremely unique comments and shared their opinions.

The two drivers are adored by the fans and they have garnered a lot of respect among the other drivers on the grid as well. The fans have commented on this helmet swapping ‘ceremony’ with many hilarious and unique comments.

Gasly and Fernando Alonso are legends of the sport in their own right and Gasly has yet to compete in a championship car in F1. This helmet swap could also be a sign of Gasly moving to Alpine in the near future and taking over Alonso’s vacant seat. The fans are thrilled at this idea and would love to see it happen.

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