“BRO JUST ANNOUNCED HIMSELF TO ALPINE” – F1 Twitter blows up after Pierre Gasly likes an Instagram post summing up his hilarious situation

'Liked by Pierre Gasly' was at the forefront as the AlphaTauri driver liked a hilarious Instagram post.

Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly

The 2022 F1 season has been unique and exciting for the fans and they have loved every moment of it. Pierre Gasly, the AlphaTauri driver has been having quite an okay season this year. He is currently 13th in the driver standings having scored a total of 23 points this season for the team.

Gasly has been looking for opportunities to leave AlphaTauri and find a seat with a different and more competitive team. While there have been rumours that the 26-year-old Frenchman has had talks with Alpine, there has been no confirmation from either side as to whether Gasly will be going there next season.

F1 fans took to Twitter recently to discuss an Instagram post that Gasly had liked. The post was a meme of an employee congratulated by his boss for working hard for the company, but it showed that the employee was looking for a job in different companies, but his boss wasn’t letting him. This sums up Gasly’s situation well as he is looking for opportunities with other teams but is not getting the chance to move there due to his contract with the team.

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F1 Twitter react to ‘liked by Pierre Gasly’

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"BRO JUST ANNOUNCED HIMSELF TO ALPINE" - F1 Twitter blows up after Pierre Gasly likes an Instagram post summing up his hilarious situation 2

F1 fans took to Twitter to discuss an Instagram meme posted by 9gag which was recently liked by Pierre Gasly. The post summed up Gasly’s current situation in regards to him changing teams and this brought on different types of reactions from the fans.

Fans have shown their concern for Gasly and support him in his future endeavours. They wish him the very best and would like to see him succeed in a different team rather than being stuck with AlphaTauri.

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