“It is so important in F1 to gather momentum”: Carlos Sainz wants Ferrari to maintain dominance in the remaining races of 2022

Carlos Sainz talked about his expectations from the Ferrari team now that they are in the last leg of the Formula 1 2022 Championship.

Carlos Sainz F1
Carlos Sainz

It is an undisputed fact that Scuderia Ferrari has a special importance in Formula 1 as it is the oldest and most successful team in the sport. But, quite surprisingly, Ferrari has hit a rough patch with zero Drivers’ Championship victory for 15 straight years ever since Kimi Raikkonen brought the trophy home to Maranello in 2007. The Italian team did start off with some spark this year and even became the Championship favorites of some F1 pundits, but ended up failing to keep up the competition with Red Bull.

Now that the current Formula 1 2022 season is almost at an end with only five races left in the calendar, it has become obvious that Red Bull is taking this year’s Constructors’ Championship win while their star racer Max Verstappen will be winning the WDC trophy for a second time after 2021. But that does not mean Ferrari is abandoning all hopes of ending this season with a splash, so that they can improve upon their performance and enter next year’s fight with renewed energy.

Speaking of the results of Scuderia Ferrari at the very end of this year’s season, their recruit Carlos Sainz mentioned that he wishes the team manages to keep a very good record in the remaining five races. If Ferrari does that, then it will have a very high chance to getting nearer to the Championship next year once the F1 paddocks are back for the 2023 season.

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Carlos Sainz wants Ferrari to end the current F1 2022 season on a high

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

When Ferrari emerged with their F1-75 this year, almost every fan thought the Scuderia is back in the game, and would win the Championship this year. But as the Championship progressed, Ferrari could not keep their initial impression because of several strategical errors, mechanical problems with the car, early retirements from the Grands Prix, etc.

But now, Ferrari racer Carlos Sainz wants to move on from their previous results and focus on ending this season with the best possible outcomes, so that the team has a renewed morale for starting the 2023 season with Championship hopes. The Spaniard said, “Personally, I would like… a bit of gathering momentum before next year. Because this year, for me, has been characterised by never getting more than two or three consecutive good races, always have a reliability issue, bad pit-stop, a strategy issue that comes into play.”

Carlos Sainz also said, “When you’re about to get in a good run of races, you know, that is so important in Formula 1 to gather a bit of momentum and get the confidence for the team and for myself building.”

In the end, Sainz also mentioned the Michael Schumacher record that Max Verstappen eyes to break in the coming races. The German had won 13 GPs in a single season in 2004, and Sebastian Vettel equalled the feat in 2013. Verstappen already has 11 wins and there are 5 races left. Carlos Sainz wishes Verstappen’s streak of Grand Prix wins does not reach 13, and instead one of the Ferrari drivers grab victories in the remaining races.

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