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Max Verstappen Net Worth, Endorsements, Formula 1 Salary and more

Max Verstappen might not be as popular as Lewis Hamilton, but his performance at Emilia Romagna GP showed just how dangerous he can be.

Max Verstappen
Name Max Verstappen 
Age 23
Net Worth $60 Million 
Salary $40 Million 
Marital Status In a Relationship 
Endorsements Jumbo Supermarkets, Ziggo, Red Bull, G-Star Raw and CarNext.com 
Occupation Formula 1 Driver 
Last Updated: March 7, 2022

Red Bull star driver, Max Verstappen has been classified as the next big thing in Formula 1 as many expect him to achieve what Lewis Hamilton has achieved in the recent decade. Verstappen displayed his passion for racing during his childhood days when he was roped in by Red Bull. At the tender age of 17, the Dutchman was moved from F3 to F1 during the Australian GP in Toro Rosso. Max did not take long to justify his F1 hype as he famously would the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. 

Max Verstappen claimed the F1 title in 2021, defeating Lewis Hamilton in one of the most thrilling seasons. The Dutchman overtook Lewis Hamilton on the final lap of the Abu Dhabi GP, as he claimed his maiden F1 title in a season that will go down as one of the best in history.

Max Verstappen might not be as popular as Lewis Hamilton, but his exploits in the past few seasons showed just how dangerous he can be. Often making it into the headlines for all the wrong reasons, Red Bull intends on holding onto their star race driver at any cost.  

However, being in such a high demand by a Championship Calibre side, one excepts to know the Max Verstappen’s Net Worth. So, is this article we shall take a look upon the salary and endorsements of the Dutchman. 

Max Verstappen Net Worth

Max Verstappen won his last race in Imola 2021

Although his importance for his team cannot be determined in words, Verstappen’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 Million due to his endorsements and Formula 1 salary which has significantly risen as a matter of comparison since 2020 which was speculated to be around $50-52 Million. However, his net worth is expected to increase following his F1 title win, and his six-year contract extension with Red Bull.

Max Verstappen Formula 1 Salary

Max Verstappen is reported to earn $19-20 Million in Salaries from red Bull in 2021

Max Verstappen signed a lucrative six-year contract extension with Red Bull, which will pay him around $40 Million per year. This means that he becomes the highest paid F1 driver alongside Mercedes driver and rival, Lewis Hamilton. The contract was signed just 3 months after he claimed the F1 title in Abu Dhabi in 2021.

Max Verstappen Endorsements


Unarguably when you lie underneath just Lewis Hamilton, brands do want to approach you. Likewise, Verstappen endorses a lot of famous brands like- Jumbo Supermarkets, Ziggo, Red Bull, G-Star Raw and CarNext.com. 

Max Verstappen Girlfriend

Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen

The marquee Red Bull driver is very secretive about his love life and it has reported that he has been in a relationship with Brazilian model Kelly Piquet in 2021. The latter was previously in a relationship with fellow F1 Driver Danil Kyvat. 

What is Max Verstappen Net Worth? 

Max Verstappen’s Net Worth is around $60 Million 

Who is Max Emilia Verstappen? 

Max Emilian Verstappen is a Belgian-Dutch racing driver. He drives in Formula 1 under the Dutch flag with the Red Bull Racing team. 

Who is Max Verstappen’s Dad? 

Jos Verstappen, is the former Formula One driver whereas his mom, Sophie Kumpen, is also a karting racer. 

What is Max Verstappen’s age? 

Max Verstappen is 23-years old. 

Which team Max Verstappen races for? 

Max Verstappen races for Red Bull Racing. 

Is Max Verstappen married? 

No, Max Verstappen is not married. 

Who is Max Verstappen’s Girlfriend? 

Max Verstappen is in a relationship with Brazilian model, Kelly Piquet in 2022. 

What Brands Max Verstappen own? 

Max Verstappen does not own any brand as of now but endorses many like Red Bull etc. 

What is Max Verstappen’s height? 

Max Verstappen is 5’11. 

Where is Max Verstappen from? 

Max Verstappen hails from from Netherlands.

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