Who is Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet?

In this piece, we will get to know more about Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet’s relationship and their progress so far.

Who is Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet?

Max Verstappen broke onto the big stage in Formula 1 in 2015, and his career has been on an upward trajectory ever since. His girlfriend, Kelly Piquet has been a support pillar for the Dutchman all throughout the relationship. The 26-year-old driver has been one of the most consistent drivers in Formula One and is currently dominating over the whole field. He won the Championship in 2021, 2022 and 2023 as well. 


Max Verstappen keeps away from the limelight and instead keeps his personal life relatively private. However, in recent years, the driver had slightly opened the doors to give everyone a glimpse of his life off the race tracks. Max publicly announced a couple of years ago that he was in a relationship with Kelly Piquet, who is the daughter of 3-time F1 World Champion Nelson Piquet Sr. Kelly was previously in a relationship with F1 driver, Daniil Kvyat and she co-parents a daughter with the Russian, named Penelope Kvyat.

Kelly Piquet has been a supportive girlfriend to Max Verstappen, and has backed him throughout the blockbuster 2021 F1 season. Kelly also expressed her fears regarding her boyfriend being a part of the sport, given its dangers. She also wants to build a strong and united family with the Red Bull driver. Kelly Piquet has been a support system to Max Verstappen during the past year, as the duo share a deep and close bond with one another. Kelly also visits the paddock on a few occasions to support his boyfriend during race weekends.

Max Verstappen girlfriend: Who is Kelly Piquet?

Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet
Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet [via Instagram]

Max Verstappen is currently dating Brazilian supermodel Kelly Piquet. The fabulous duo started going out in January 2021. Ever since then, they have been together have been very vocal proclaiming their love for each other. Kelly Piquet comes from a racing family. Her father is Nelson Piquet whilst her brother is Nelson Piquet jr. Both have raced in Formula 1 and and are known for their performances in the sport. 


Where is Max Verstappen’s girlfriend from?

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Max Verstappen, Kelly Piquet [Via DiLei]

While many think that Kelly was born in Brazil, that’s actually not the case. Kelly Piquet was born in Homburg, Germany in 1988. Here, she spent her childhood days living with her mom Sylvia Tamsma who was a Dutch model. The duo lived in the south of France before moving to Brazil. Nelson Piquet, her father is Brazilian and lived there. Kelly shifted to Brazil at the age of 12. Her nationality is Brazilian and it is unclear if she holds citizenships at any other countries. 

How old is Max Verstappen’s girlfriend?

While Max Verstappen is 25 years of age, his relationship with Kelly Piquet is a unique one as it holds promise of breaking the conventional rules that society has imposed on relationships where the boy has to be older than the girl. Kelly is 35 years of age, as her own website states that she was born on December 7, 1988, in Homburg, Germany.

Where did Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet meet?

Kelly Piquet with Max Verstappen
Kelly Piquet with Max Verstappen [via Twitter]

The duo of Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet met for the first time in 2016 where they had dinner with Kelly’s brother Nelson Jr. “Something magical happened that night,” Kelly recalled to Vogue Netherlands in December 2022. At that point of time, Kelly was 28 and Max was 19 years old wherein his F1 career had just kickstarted. However, the duo did not get to dating right after that first meet, and it took them a few years to get to know each other romantically. 

How many years are Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet dating for?

While Max’s first mention of Kelly Piquet at one of his interviews happened only in 2021, they reportedly started dating in 2020 after Kelly’s split from Daniil Kvyat in July 2019. To mark the start of a new year in 2021, Max posted about his ladylove on Instagram and made their relationship official on social media. He captioned it as, “Let’s make 2021 a year to remember in many ways. Wishing you all success, love and happiness just as I found mine.


What does Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet do for a living?

Kelly Piquet
Kelly Piquet [via Instagram]

Kelly Piquet has had many interesting jobs throughout her professional career. From being a columnist to handling Formula E socials, she has a wide variety of experience in the business world. Currently, she works as a model for multiple brands and designers including Viktor and Rolf, Elie Saab, Bottega, etc. She has posed for multiple magazines too as she captured enormous attention for her cover story for Vogue Netherlands.

She has previously worked at Vogue Latinoamerica, Bergdorf Goodman, and others. She has also been a health and wellness coach for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition for about 6 years.

Kelly Piquet’s net worth

Kelly Piquet’s family and background

Nelson Piquet with Kelly Piquet
Nelson Piquet with Kelly Piquet [via Twitter]

It is without a doubt that Kelly Piquet hails from a family full of racing nuts. She is the daughter of F1 world champion Nelson Piquet whilst her brother also raced in F1. Nelson Jr now races in other motorsports series. Her mom, Sylvia Tamsma used to be a model so it seems like she has followed her footsteps. Kelly Piquet has a kid with Ex-F1 driver Daniil Kvyat whom she used to date a few years back. Max Verstappen has been getting along well with little ’Penelope’.


FAQ’s on Kelly Piquet

Who is Max Verstappen’s girlfriend?

Max Verstappen is currently dating Brazilian model Kelly Piquet.

How old is Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet? 

Kelly Piquet is 35 years old. Meanwhile Max Verstappen is 26 years old.

What does Kelly Piquet do for a living?

Kelly Piquet mainly works as a model. She has worked and been featured in various magazines and publications. 

Does Max Verstappen have a kid with Kelly Piquet?

No, Kelly Piquet has a kid with Ex-boyfriend Daniil Kvyat but doesn’t have a kid with Max yet. Both of them have expressed their interest in having kids. 


Who is Kelly Piquet’s father?

Ex-F1 world champion Nelson Piquet Kelly Piquet’s father. He is known for winning the F1 world driver’s championship three times in the 1980’s. 

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