George Russell Girlfriend: All About the Current Girlfriend of the Mercedes Driver

Read this article to know all about Mercedes racer George Russell's ladylove Carmen Montero Mundt.

George Russell Girlfriend: All About the Current Girlfriend of the Mercedes Driver

Carmen Mundt with George Russell (via Twitter)

George Russell is considered as one of the most impressive young racers on the current Formula 1 grid. Not many are aware but Russell acknowledged his interest in the world of motorsports since the age of 6. He realized his childhood dream, after he was signed by Mercedes for the 2022 F1 season. He is racing for the German giants, alongside seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton. In 2022, Russell brought Mercedes their only Grand Prix win throughout the season, outscoring his much more experienced teammate, Lewis Hamilton. Owing to the impact the young Briton has made on the race track, race fanatics have been quite excited to know more about his life off of it. So, if you too are looking for some information on George Russell girlfriend, then this article is going to help you know more about the same. 


George Russell Girlfriend: Who is Carmen Mundt? 

George Russell maintains a relatively secretive personality, and does not like to come out with his private life. However, it is known that the Briton is dating Carmen Montero Mundt. She is a former student at University of Westminster, and her LinkedIn claims that she worked as an Investor Relations associate at the United Kingdom-based Ruffer LLP till October, 2023.

George Russell and Carmen Mundt (via Imago)

The duo have often made public appearances, and were also spotted on a vacation in the summer break last year. Moreover, the duo were also spotted watching an NBA match together, just prior to the Miami GP. They are known to be dating since 2020, and they make a stunning couple.

Where is George Russell’s girlfriend from?

Carmen Montero Mundt is based in London but she claimed on her Instagram page that she was actually born in Spain. And she was brought up there till she was 18. Then, her family moved to London where she did her further studies. Her mother’s side of the family is of German descent. And her father is a well-known lawyer with connections in the construction sector too.

George Russell and his ex-girlfriend Seychelle deVries (via Imago)

Unlike George Russell’s ex-girlfriend Seychelle deVries, who happens to be the sister of current McLaren driver Oscar Piastri, Carmen had no connection to Formula 1 prior to meeting the Silver Arrows racer.

How old is George Russell’s girlfriend Carmen Mundt?

While Carmen Mundt’s age cannot be confirmed, her Instagram account shows a post where she snapped a picture of her birthday cake on February 13. And in the caption, she mentioned that she turned 25 in 2023.

Carmen Mundt with her cake for her 25th birthday (via Twitter)

Thus, Carmen is the same age as her boyfriend George Russell, who turned 25 in the February of 2023 as well.

Where did George Russell and Carmen Mundt Meet?

George Russell and Carmen Mundt had a meet-cute that is one for the fairy tale books. Mundt claimed on her Instagram page that she met with George through a mutual friend in London. The two of them have been going strong ever since as they have recently been reported to be spending the 2023 F1 off-season together.


How many years are George Russell and Carmen Mundt dating for?

George Russell is a very private person who hardly ever shares the details of his personal life. Thus, there is no official timing to declare when the Briton parted ways with ex Seychelle deVries and when he started seeing Mundt. But, as per the reports, she was first seen in an F1 paddock at the Tuscan GP in 2020. This implies that perhaps Carmen and George started dating during the COVID-19 times when both of them were in London as they have their residences there. So, it is safe to say that the two of them have been dating for about 3 to 4 years now.

Carmen Montero Mundt and George Russell (via Instagram)

What does George Russell’s girlfriend Carmen Montero Mundt Do For a Living?

George Russell is a Formula 1 racer who started off his career way too early ever since he was a youngster fawning over his now teammate Lewis Hamilton. But his girlfriend Carmen has no connection to the racing world and is into finance, She got her diploma from the University de Geneve and also a degree in finance from the University of Westminster before becoming an intern at the UK-based investment firm Ruffer LLP. Since then, she worked her way up in the ranks to become a full-time associate there. And she has time and again shared her struggles of working full-time and also traveling every other weekend to visit George’s races. Her LinkedIn states that she left her position at Ruffer LLP in October, 2023. Carmen has also partnered with Baodoin & Lange to introduce her B&LxCarmen Montero Mundt collection of shoes. She frequently blogs about her outfits and styling choices on her Instagram page too.

What is Carmen Montero Mundt’s Net Worth?

Carmen Montero Mundt’s net worth is not disclosed but judging from her income sources such as her job as an investor relations associate, frequent brand endorsements on social media, and small stints as a shoe designer, her net worth can be estimated to be about $1 million.

Carmen Mundt’s Parents, Family & Background

Carmen was born in Spain. Then, her family moved to London when she was 18. Her father is a famed lawyer with a booming construction business too. Not much about her mother is known except that her maternal side is of German descent.


Carmen Mundt’s Social Media

Carmen Mundt is quite active on social media with a work account on LinkedIn explaining her credentials and a lifestyle account on Instagram with pictures from the various places she travels to. Her X account, with the username @carmenmmundt3 boasts several of the pictures that she posts on Instagram too.

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