“Poor guy can’t catch a break” – F1 Twitter blows up after Zhou Guanyu crashes with Nicholas Latifi at the Singapore Grand Prix

Zhou Guanyu had a sad ending in the 7th lap of Singapore Grand Prix as he crashed into Nicholas Latifi.

Zhou Guanyu
Zhou Guanyu

The Singapore Grand Prix finally started and the fans were excitedly watching the action unfold. However, sadly for Zhou Guanyu, his first Singapore Grand Prix was short-lived as he crashed with Nicholas Latifi in the 7th lap causing him to retire from the race.

Fans were dismayed at this prospect and showed their discontent at Latifi for causing the crash and retiring the rookie from his debut race in Singapore.

Guanyu is currently 17th in the driver standings with a total of 6 points, but him retiring early in the Singapore Grand Prix could hurt his standings if Lance Stroll and Alex Albon are able to score points this race, it would threaten Guanyu’s position in the driver standings.

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F1 twitter reacts to Zhou Guanyu’s DNF

Zhou Guanyu
Zhou Guanyu

Zhou Guanyu had a short-lived Singapore Grand Prix as he retired during the 7th lap after a collision with Nicholas Latifi. Fans are outraged with Latifi for causing yet another crash and for cutting short the rookie’s chances of scoring another point.

Fans took to Twitter to show their dismay for Guanyu’s retirement and their anger towards Latifi for causing the said crash.

Fans are enraged at Latifi for causing the crash and could not be happier that he will not be racing in F1 next season having announced. Zhou Guanyu has renewed his contract with Alfa Romeo for next season and fans cannot see him race again.

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