Why Max Verstappen abandoned the last qualifying lap? Red Bull explains

Max Verstappen only managed a P8 after being the best driver around the streets of Singapore due to his team's blunder.

Max Verstappen (Images through IMAGO / PanoramiC)
Max Verstappen (Images through IMAGO / PanoramiC)

Max Verstappen was unofficially in pole position at the Singaporean GP. Though he only managed a P8 after a fantastic Saturday, he was definitely starting from P1 if it was not for a team blunder. Anyway, the pace Max showed around the streets of Singapore looked really promising for tomorrow’s race. Though Verstappen was really frustrated after his return in the final push, Red Bull looks the favourites for tomorrow’s race.

Verstappen threw out a bunch of cuss words when he was called back into the pits. The reason was given later on by Christian Horner. Verstappen was called back in pits as he started to push for the final sector of his final lap, the reason at that moment was unclear but later it came out to be a fuel issue. Max’s RB18 didn’t have enough fuel to cross the regulations. As per the FIA, every car should have an extra litre of fuel left in their car for some tests. Max would have failed to show his reserve and could have served a possible penalty for tomorrow’s race.

Horner explained the situation in detail, “I think it was a miscalculation on our side. We fuelled the car for five laps and because the track was ramping up so quick, we got an extra lap so he was perfectly placed. obviously, it’s critical to give the fuel sample so it’s the hardest call in the world when he’s two-and-a-half seconds up on his lap time, ” said Horner.

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Christian Horner keeps his expectations high from Sergio Perez starting ahead of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen

Sergio Perez managed a brilliant P2 with a bare minimum gap of 0.02 seconds to Pole Position. Though Max was a two-tenth of a second clear to Charles Leclerc at pole he didn’t finish his lap anyway. Lewis Hamilton on third also had a fantastic qualifying. Verstappen could expect his teammate to finish the race in a title-winning position.

“If you don’t give the sample you’re starting from the pit lane, so it is frustrating but the great pace in the car and phenomenal performance by Checo [Perez in second]. It will be important for Checo to get a good start tomorrow as well as it is a long race,” said Horner.

Max Verstappen is entering the arena with the hope of winning his second title and finally finishing his stand in the 2022 season. Red Bull on the other hand still has a few races to get a hand on the title.

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