“Lewis from Chinatown” – Fans post their reactions to Zhou Guanyu’s new avatar with dreadlocks

Zhou Guanyu mustered up enough confidence to go ahead with a bold new dreadlock hairstyle after the end of the 2023 season.

“Lewis from Chinatown” – Fans post their reactions to Zhou Guanyu’s new avatar with dreadlocks

Zhou Guanyu (via X, @ZhouGuanyu24)

The 2023 season has been long gone and drivers are starting to feel comfortable off the grid. While some drivers are off relaxing at alluring locations, Zhou Guanyu in particular decided to go ahead with a daring new avatar and hairstyle.

Zhou Guanyu, the only Chinese driver ever in Formula 1 sustained a highly mediocre season this time around. The driver finished an underwhelming P18 in the driver’s standing with the Swiss-based team of Alfa Romeo finishing P9 barely. However, Guanyu did not let this demotivate him and decided to try something new particularly with his hairstyle.


The Chinese driver took to X showcasing his daring new hairstyle. Guanyu decided to go ahead with a ‘dreadlock’ style of hair much alike the British driver Lewis Hamilton. He also attached multiple images in a trendy outfit consisting of a black jacket in a image and some ‘Essentials’ merch in another photo.

In addition to the images, Zhou Guanyu also captioned the image as, “When ur still young gotta do cr*zy things!” hence depicting how the hairstyle was something new and challenging for the F1 driver as well. He also added a hashtag saying #TeamZhou where he summoned all the Zhou Guanyu fans in the same tweet.

Fans reacted to the daring hairstyle choice from Zhou Guanyu

In the same tweet, majority of the fans reacted hilariously to the bold choice from Guanyu. Multiple fans commented under the tweet with multiple old-school memes talking ill about the hairstyle choice from Guanyu. Another fan talked about Hamilton as well and exclaimed that Guanyu looked like ‘Lewis from Chinatown’, further talking about his nationality in addition to Hamilton’s hairstyle similarity.

Zhou Guanyu.
Zhou Guanyu with dreadlocks (via X, @ZhouGuanyu24).

Another fan commented that he was looking much like a twin of Hamilton due to the similar hairstyle. Other fan claimed that he was a darker skin tone and the hair was great according to him. A particular fan added that the new hairstyle on the Chinese driver looked ‘dope’ as it was something new for an Asian driver to try on.

As the team prepare for the next season, Guanyu along with Alfa Romeo hopes for a much better start to the next season. Time will tell how Guanyu sets in his new hair and prepares for the upcoming challenges in the next season. The hairstyle is definitely a great fit on him and he looks great in the new hairstyle despite the fans trolling him for the decision.

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