Ferrari to run Red Bull-inspired new rear wing “to attain more top speed”

Ferrari to run new rear wing to gain more top speed.


Ferrari as a team had a decent outing in Canada where both their drivers managed to finish in the Top 5, however it has been recently been revealed that Leclerc was running a Red Bull-inspired rear wing in Montreal.

The Monegasque started the Canadian GP from the back of the grid so Ferrari gave him the new rear wing to help him overtake the other cars on the track.

Moreover, the team is now looking to run the new spec on a more regular basis on both their cars in order to match Red Bull when it comes to high-top speeds.

It is the common belief that the new rear wing helps in reducing the downforce and it, in turn, helps in reducing the drag that makes the car go faster and achieve greater top speeds.

The Italian team only had one new rear wing available for Canada and thus Carlos Sainz had to drive with the old spec that creates more downforce as compared to the new one.

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc

However, Ferrari has confirmed that they are looking to make the new rear wing the standard design from the upcoming British Grand Prix onwards.

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Ferrari on Charles Leclerc’s new rear wing in Canada

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc
Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc

The new rear wing has the capability to increase top speed and this is one area where the Italian team has been second best to Red Bull on most occasions this season. Ferrari is hoping that the new spec will help the team in challenging Red Bull.

The team’s engineer Claudio Albertini has revealed that the new rear wing on their car in Montreal was inspired by the aerodynamic efficiency of Red Bull and has said, “It’s true that sometimes you realize when you see a rival where you can improve and you can see that [with] top speed, there was room to improve.”

After looking at Albertini’s statement, it is pretty evident that the “Prancing Horse” has taken a page out of the books of Red Bull and is now going to use it against them.

Red Bull and Ferrari in Miami
Ferrari and Red Bull

The British Grand Prix is just a week away and it will interesting to see how the two Ferrari would perform in Silverstone with that new Red Bull-inspired rear wing.

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