Former German racer Christian Danner claims Ferrari is ‘a case with many question marks’ as they recover from yet another unimpressive season

Christian Danner took a huge dig at Ferrari and Mercedes over their unimpressive performances in the 2023 F1 season.

Former German racer Christian Danner claims Ferrari is ‘a case with many question marks’ as they recover from yet another unimpressive season

Charles Leclerc, Christian Danner and Carlos Sainz (via IMAGO)

Ferrari hoped of a great season this time around after finish P2 in the constructors in 2022. However, as depicted throughout the season, the team had major reliability issues and made severe mistakes and finally succumbed a disappointing P3 finish in the constructors. Ex-racer Christian Danner commented over this newfound degrading performance from Ferrari.

Danner is a former F1 driver who raced between 1985 to 1989. The German driver talked about the question marks raised due to Ferrari’s performance. Danner talked about the obvious inconsistency from Ferrari and exclaimed that the team was far from the stability needed to have a successful season.


Ferrari is once again a case, with many question marks. Their performance has been very inconstant. Ferrari is far from the stability this team needs to have a car to take to the track that basically works immediately.

Danner said, as reported by

Danner also talked about the team principle Fredric Vasseur who joined the team earlier this year before the beginning of the season. He commented that Vasseur needed to do a big job. Danner further took a jibe at Vasseur and added that he was unsure if the boss could handle the team from a technical point of view.

Frederic Vasseur has to do a huge job. I don't know how he intends to resolve the issue, in terms of staff. From an organizational point of view I think he can do it, from a technical one I don't know.

Christian Danner also took a dig at Mercedes

The German driver did not hold back in commenting over the degrading performances of the once-winning constructors of F1. Danner highlighted the fundamental mistake that Mercedes made in the beginning of the season after bringing back an old-concept to the W14. He hailed this decision as a ‘catastrophic decision’ from the Silverstone based constructor.

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton.
Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton (via IMAGO)

However, Danner also added that the newer concept to the car was a little less toxic compared to the old one. Although a big crew working at Mercedes, the team still flawed a major chunk of the season as commented by the 65-year-old former driver. He compared Mercedes to McLaren and claimed that the team in orange did a better job than the once-dominating Mercedes.


The season of 2023 definitely revealed major inconsistencies in a lot of the teams. However, Ferrari and Mercedes need to desperately fix the issues within the team to return back to their winning ways in the next season. The two teams aim at scoring a much more impressive season in the next season as they hope to fix the issues within the team immediately.

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