Franz Tost claims Ralf Schumacher would have won titles like his brother if he were “in the right place, at the right time”

AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost talks about the missed opportunities that led to Ralf Schumacher failing to win a World Championship title like his brother Michael Schumacher.

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Many talented racers make their way into Formula 1, the highest league of motorsports, and leave their mark, but only a few get to win the much-coveted-for World Championship titles in this sport. As someone who has been attached with F1 for a long time, Scuderia AlphaTauri Team Principal Franz Tost has seen numerous deserving drivers come and go without ever winning the Championship title. One of the most deserving of them, he feels, is Ralf Schumacher. The German racer, who is the brother of legendary racer Michael Schumacher, should have won the F1 World title just like his sibling in Tost’s opinion, but he missed out on it due to lack of chances at the time.

Franz Tost’s career in Formula 1 spans many years as the Austrian had worked for BMW as their Operations Manager before joining Toro Rosso as their Team Principal. When the sister team to Red Bull got rebranded as Scuderia AlphaTauri, Tost was retained as their leader. During his time at BMW, Tost had gotten to work alongside Ralf Schumacher, as the German was driving for Williams in those days. In fact, Tost had known Ralf from before as the two had crossed paths during their days competing in the junior categories.

Franz Tost is convinced Ralf Schumacher would have landed a World Championship title if the time were right for him

Franz Tost
Franz Tost

As Ralf Schumacher’s contemporary, Franz Tost only had great things to say about the German racer. Although the younger Schumacher brother is often overshadowed by the achievements of his seven-time F1 World Champion sibling, Franz has no doubt that Ralf is an equally able racer who could have won some F1 World Championship titles if the time were right for him. During a recent interview with the F1 Insider, Franz Tost even said, “Ralf was sensationally fast, incredibly talented. He learned very quickly and implemented everything very quickly.

While discussing the younger Schumacher’s abilities, Franz Tost also talked about his won at the Japanese Formula Nippon, which was a frequently-used option for racers to enter into Formula 1. He said, “The highlight at the beginning of his career was winning Japanese Formula Nippon. It was an extremely high-quality championship and almost impossible for a European to win.”

But then Franz Tost agreed the only problem that stood in the path of Schumacher earning himself a Championship trophy was that, “He was never in the right place at the right time.”