“Absolute sh*thousery,” Christian Horner and team mock Aston Martin by consuming ‘green colored’ Red Bull

Red Bull has accused Aston Martin of making a "green Red Bull" as their new upgrades have made their car look exactly similar to the RB-18.

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With the Spanish Grand Prix all set to start within a few days at the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona, things have been heating up in the F1 paddocks as the copyright feud for car designs between Red Bull and Aston Martin have reached an all-time high now. It is not the first time Aston Martin, owned by Canadian investor Lawrence Stroll, has been accused of copying the design of another team’s car, but this time, Red Bull has repeatedly accused them and urged the FIA to hold Aston Martin accountable for their malpractice.

Red Bull personnel including Team Principal Christian Horner have put Aston Martin on blast, accusing them of having stolen their intellectual property. It was not this serious an issue till the previous Grand Prix in France, but walking into the Spanish Grand Prix, Aston Martin introduced a number of upgrades to their car which have made it look strikingly similar to Red Bull’s design.

Red Bull Team Boss Christian Horner released his statement, condemning Aston Martin for copying their car. The Milton-Keynnes-based team immediately called for an FIA investigation of the entire car model that has been manufactured by Aston Martin. Horner said it is of “great concern” that their team’s intellectual property has been allegedly stolen.

FIA clears Aston Martin of forgery charges, Red Bull team mocks them

Red Bull Racing's Team Principal Christian Horner
Red Bull Racing’s Team Principal Christian Horner

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The FIA got involved in the feud between Red Bull and Aston Martin as they were called in to investigate if any of Red Bull’s car designs had truly been stolen. They did not find enough evidence to penalise Aston Martin, and hence cleared their name of the charges put up against them by Red Bull.

In response to this, Red Bull Racing did not issue any official statement, but put up a show on Twitter as their picture drinking green (Aston Martin’s team colour) Red Bulls went viral on social media. Fans quickly understood the image was meant to mock Aston Martin.

Speaking of Aston Martin’s forgery, Christian Horner said, “Copying is the biggest form of flattery. It is quite a thing to instruct your team to come up with a very close-looking clone of our car and of course a few people have moved over the winter period, and what you can’t control is what they take in their heads.

But what would be of grave concern to us would be if any IP (intellectual property) had in any way changed hands.

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