Geri Horner garners support from her former $540 million worth girl group amidst husband Christian Horner’s sexual allegations case

Geri Horner has received messages of support from her friends amidst allegations against her husband.

Geri Horner garners support from her former $540 million worth girl group amidst husband Christian Horner’s sexual allegations case

Geri Halliwell (IMAGO/ Motorsport Images)

The bombshell of the leaked investigation against Red Bull chief Christian Horner was dropped a few weeks ago. Horner’s wife is an ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has been understood to have been facing a lot of stress due to the accusations against his husband. Now, it has been revealed that her former Spice Girl group has stood beside Halliwell in this difficult time.


Red Bull Austria had launched an investigation against their team supremo after receiving a complaint from a Red Bull employee. Furthermore, it was also speculated that Horner has been asked to leave his current post following the allegations. However, the Briton is adamant that he is clear and has refused to resign from his post. Subsequently, her friend Mel B revealed that ex-Spice Girls are standing beside Halliwell at such a moment and providing her support.

We have a WhatsApp group and we have sent messages.
Mel B said as reported by

The Spice Girl revealed that they have a group chat and have shared messages of support to their friend. It was earlier revealed that Horner’s wife felt ‘devastated’ after the allegations put on his partner and refused to accept them. The 51-year-old vowed to stay by her partner amid allegations and trusts Horner. Furthermore, it is believed that a verdict will be delivered soon and will end the atmosphere of tension.

What is Max Verstappen’s view on the situation?

Max Verstappen is the team’s star driver and won a record-breaking 19 races last year. The Dutchman is considered to be close to Horner and would know about the investigation relatively closely.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)
I mean in terms of talking about that, it's not that suddenly sat here, that I can speak about things. So it's better that I just focus on my own performance because that's already the day job. But I guess, of course, for everyone, it's nice, of course, when things are resolved. But that's the only thing that I can say about that.
Max Verstappen said as reported by

The 26-year-old stated that he is concerned about performing well for the team and can’t comment on the internal tussle that is going on. Despite multiple reports of the Briton being axed by the team, he continues to play his role as the team leader and is still present in Bahrain for the season opener.

The team prepares for the race and seeks to lead the pack by a mile amid its revolutionised design. The Dutchman is set to dominate the sport for another year again and drivers will be on the lookout to claim the scraps left by him.

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