“He hates coming second to a team mate,” Nico Rosberg believes podium in Canada would have come as a welcome relief for Lewis Hamilton

Nico Rosberg describes Lewis Hamilton's hate for finishing below teammate

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton
Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton
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Lewis Hamilton has been known for dominating in F1, over the past 8 years, he has always been the better driver at Mercedes, and no matter how hard his teammates have fought, he has always proved out to be better than them, except for this year. George Russell was signed by Mercedes this year and everyone expected him to be underperforming than Lewis. But, headstart into the season, Mercedes failed to perform, Hamilton repeatedly complained about the car, Wolff kept on telling him that it will be better, but in the midst of all this, Russell managed to become the star in the W13. 

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As bad as Lewis Hamilton has performed, Russell has just been the opposite. He has managed to finish top 5 in all the 9 races that have taken place until now, and also earn 3 3rd place podiums, and is performing much better than he did at Williams. In 2016, we saw a similar fight between Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, when Nico ended up defeating him to clench his one and only World title. Nico’s experience with Hamilton spoke when he stated that Hamilton hates to be outperformed by his teammate. 

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Lewis Hamilton is “driving at his best,” according to Rosberg 

Lewis Hamilton(on the left) and George Russell(on the right)
Lewis Hamilton(on the left) and George Russell(on the right)

On Sunday at the Canadian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton finished better than his teammate after a long wait of 8 racesl; he managed to finish 3rd meanwhile Russell finished 4th. Rosberg stated; “Lewis is driving at his best,” PlanetF1 quoted Nico.

“He has just had an unbelievably unlucky season with all these different things going against him.”

“That driver pairing is so strong, incredible, but, make no mistake, Lewis hates passionately to ever come second to a team-mate, so he will be ultra-motivated and pushing hard internally.”

Nico Rosberg also praised the other Briton, saying that he drove phenomenally in that car, and did an absolutely amazing job by finishing P4 and maintaining his top 5 consistency. 

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