Helmut Marko thinks Yuki Tsunoda is already at Pierre Gasly’s level in ‘one-lap speed’

Recently, in an interview, Helmut Marko discussed all things Pierre Gasly - including another potential shot at the Red Bull seat.

Yuki Tsunoda and Helmut Marko
Yuki Tsunoda and Helmut Marko
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Pierre Gasly has been rather stuck with the Red Bull junior team after he was demoted following very poor performances in 2019. Obviously, he does not want to remain at AlphaTauri all his career, but right now, he does not have a lot of options. The door has rather closed for him at Red Bull for at least 2 more seasons with Sergio Perez’s contract extension.

But even after those 2 seasons – there is no real guarantee that Gasly will get the seat that he so desires. In such a case, the wiser option will probably be to move out of the Red Bull family. Right now, Alpine have a vacancy for 2023, and Gasly is French, and likely an interested party, but he is still under contract for 2023 at AlphaTauri.

What are the other options? There are not many at all. Mercedes may be an option in the future, but it is definitely not the case right now, and most other teams will not be a meaningful upgrade for the Frenchman. He’s certainly in a sticky situation, and he may not even be the first option for a Red Bull seat in the future, as there are a multitude of candidates, including his teammate, Yuki Tsunoda.

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Helmut Marko: ‘Gasly is ‘free’ after 2024′

Helmut Marko on Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda
Helmut Marko speaks on Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda

Talking to Motorsport.com‘s French edition, Helmut Marko discussed all things Pierre Gasly. He does think that the Frenchman has improved since his stint in the senior team when he had received a rather comprehensive beating from his teammate, Max Verstappen. When Gasly had been demoted from Red Bull, he only 63 points, compared to Max Verstappen’s 181.

Marko said: “Gasly got tricked by Max in Hungary in 2019. He’s definitely more solid, he’s got a lot more confidence. But how well he could stand up to a Verstappen is hard to say.”

Gasly’s current AlphaTauri contract runs till the end of the 2023 season. If he still wants the Red Bull seat, he will have to wait till 2025 at the earliest, and he will also have to convince the bosses: “Pérez’s contract prevents Gasly from moving to Red Bull Racing in 2023. From 2024, Gasly is free.”

When asked if the team will let him go if an opportunity arises for him, Helmut Marko said: “Yes. We have a good relationship. As a team leader, he has enjoyed great success at AlphaTauri in recent years.”

Helmut Marko concluded, saying: “But Yuki [Tsunoda] is already at his level in terms of lap speed. In the race, things are not going as well [as in previous seasons for the Frenchman]. Nevertheless, we improved Gasly’s contract financially, even though we weren’t obliged to do so.”

Pierre Gasly’s road to the Red Bull seat is certainly filled with bumps, and there’s not even a guarantee that he will be the one to get it. In that case, like with Carlos Sainz, perhaps it would be wise to take up another opportunity outside if one arises. Anything can happen in Motorsport.

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