“I don’t think there is much difference,” Mattia Binotto believes both Red Bull and Ferrari were at par at the Miami GP

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has talked about bringing upgrades to Ferrari and also said that there was not much difference between Red Bull and Ferrari.

Scuderia Ferrari's Team Principal and Engineer Mattia Binotto
Scuderia Ferrari's Team Principal and Engineer Mattia Binotto

After Ferrari’s loss in the Miami Grand Prix, it was obvious that the Red Bulls had developed their car drastically than how they were at the start of the season, meanwhile Ferrari had not performed any such upgrades for the race, which made the race win slip out of their hands. 

In a statement made by the team’s principal, Mattia Binotto, he mentioned that the way Red Bull have been upgrading their car, they will soon have to stop owing to the budget cap that is given to all the teams. “Otherwise, I will not understand how they can do that,” stated Binotto. 

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In latest news, Mattia Binotto has said that Ferrari would soon be bringing upgrades into their car, while at the same time Red Bull would have to stop their development of the car, because of the same reason stated above.

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Ferrari will soon bring in upgrades in their cars.

Scuderia Ferrari

The start of the season was gold for the Scuderia, where they managed to score a 1 – 2 grid in qualifying, and maintain the same during the race, and have a 1 – 2 finish. 

This was followed by the Australian Grand Prix, where Charles Leclerc did an incredible job after starting at pole, leading all the laps, winning the race, and having the fastest lap. 

However, this seemed to fade after the Emiliga Romagna Grand Prix, where Ferrari couldn’t even score a podium after Sainz’s first lap DNF and Leclerc’s spin off in the final stages of the races. This downfall surely meant that Ferrari are not upgrading their car like Red Bull are.

However, the team principal have ensured that Ferrari will now start upgrading their car post the loss in Miami Grand Prix. 

He also stated that the Ferrari and Red Bull were almost the same during the Miami Grand Prix. 

“I believe that Red Bull have installed upgrades in the last races and these updates have made their car simply faster,” he said. “I don’t think that the differences is huge.“It is a matter of maximum a couple of tenths. We should not forget that yesterday we locked the front row,” said Binotto, as quoted by GrandPrix247.

As of now, Ferrari lead the constructors’ championship with 157 points, ahead of Red Bull with 151 points. The driver’s championship is also led by Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc with 104 points. 

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