“They will have to stop soon,” Mattia Binotto believes Red Bull cannot maintain their development spend

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto predicts that Red Bull are spending way too much on upgrades too early into the season.

Mattia Binotto
Mattia Binotto

The Miami Grand Prix was another successful day for Red Bull, after a massive lead by the leader Max Verstappen made it extremely difficult for the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc to overtake him, and the insane straight speed of the Red Bull had Verstappen finishing the race first.

This came as a breakdown for Ferrari fans, as Charles Leclerc had qualified on pole followed by his teammate Carlos Sainz on 2nd, yet both the drivers lost their positions and weren’t able to catch-up, making them finish 2nd and 3rd. After the Emilia Romagna GP, this is a much better result, but it could well have been a win for either of the Ferraris, which could not happen. 

This comes down as Red Bull were able to upgrade their cars much better and faster than Ferrari, who have made the most minimal upgrades since the start of the season. 

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Seeing the massive upgrades, Ferrari’s team principal Mattia Binotto has said that Red Bull would have to stop soon with the upgrades as they might run out of the $140 million budget cap. “They will soon have to stop developing, otherwise I will not understand how they are doing it with the budget cap,” he said.

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Mattia Binotto realizes that it is time for Ferrari to upgrade the F1-75.

Mattia Binotto and Charles Leclerc
Mattia Binotto and Charles Leclerc

Following up on the race and Red Bull, Ferrari’s team principal said that it is time for them to upgrade their cars as well, because Red Bull could only outperform the Ferraris because of the “aggressive” and massive upgrades they’ve made so soon in this season. 

“It’s true that Red Bull have improved their car since the very start of the season, and they introduced upgrades,” explained Binotto.

“Now, I have no doubt that in order to keep the pace, we need to develop ourselves and introduce upgrades,” quoted Motorsport.

The freshest upgrades for the F1-75 would be brought in the Spanish Grand Prix, and then it would be interesting to see if they can compete with the Red Bulls again and start winning races. 

As of now, after a few wins by Ferrari, they lead the constructors’ championship with 157 points, and are closely followed up by Red Bull with 151 points. The World Championship is being led by Charles Leclerc in the Ferrari with 104 points, but again being chased by Max Verstappen in the Red Bull with 85 points. 

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