“I like to fight with him,” Charles Leclerc speaks about his dynamics with Max Verstappen

Charles Leclerc says Max Verstappen and he "hated each other."

Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen
Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen

Charles Leclerc is leading the leaderboard of the 2022 drivers’ championship. Having taken the advantage of Max Verstappen’s double DNF in the first three rounds, he blasted his way ahead in the championship. But the Dutch driver seems to be catching up fast, as Leclerc’s lead has been reduced to just 19 points.

In all the races so far in this season, both the drivers have had close battles. The rivalry has been intense but equally respectful. 

Recently, Charles Leclerc spoke about his dynamics with Max Verstappen and said they “hated each other.” Speaking of their conflicts, the Ferrari driver, as quoted by the GP Fans, said, “We’ve been racing together for like four or five years and every race we would be fighting for wins and obviously loads of things happened in karting.”

He added, “We were also young, crazy and yeah, we hated each other at that moment. But now we grew, the experience is more and obviously, also we have both realised our dream to be fighting for F1 so the relationship has changed since then.”

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Charles Leclerc wants a long battle with Max Verstappen

Charles Leclerc in his F1-75 and Max Verstappen in his RB18 in the Miami GP
Charles Leclerc in his F1-75 and Max Verstappen in his RB18 in the Miami GP

Leclerc and Verstappen have presented themselves as the two contenders for the championship. Both the drivers are driving at a level above the grid and have shared P1 only amongst themselves so far in this season.

I like to fight with Max, it’s always on the limit. And I really enjoy it for now. I hope it can stay like this for the rest of the season, and hopefully, we’ll be able also to improve the car throughout the season to stay with them for the fight in the Championship,” said Leclerc on his ongoing battle at the top.

Things are getting fiery. With Ferrari set in to bring major upgrades, the challenge for Max will increase and hopefully, both the drivers fight it out on the grid in the same manner that they’ve done so far.

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