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“I plan to be here,” Lewis Hamilton reiterates his commitment to Mercedes

A terrible start to the season has raised several questions for the Briton.

Lewis Hamilton

With the new regulations that kicked in this season in F1, Mercedes hoped to help Lewis Hamilton to win his record eighth championship title after an intensely close fight with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen last year. But as per no one’s expectations, things have gone worse each race as the season has progressed so far.

Lewis Hamilton has only managed to win 28 points in the four rounds so far, which as per the stands set by him, is just a single race’s task. He currently stands P7 in the championship, which in itself is a strange sight. This disappointing start to the season has raised several questions for the driver. His loyalty to the team and driving skills have been brought under the radar and will be surveilled over the coming weeks.

Lewis’ ex-teammate and 2016 F1 world champion, Nico Rosberg has said, “It’s very smart because it’s not quite the truth and let’s not forget that Russell is in P4 with that same car. So Lewis definitely had a big role to play in that poor result this weekend.” And on the other hand, the two-time champion, Mika Hakkinen, suggested that the Briton will soon be on the lookout for a new team.

Lewis Hamilton plans on staying

George Russell and Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton’s contract runs until the end of 2023, and with the challenge on his hands currently, he seems to be enjoying it. As quoted by silverarrows.net, when asked about his future in F1 and its dependency on a title, he said, That’s firstly a really tall order, and that’s not something that’s immediately at the forefront of my mind. I think we’re all sent these challenges through our journeys and through our lives, and this is one that I’m really enjoying.”

He added, “I’m really enjoying spending more time with the team, deeper dives into engineering, into aero characteristics, development of the simulator and the simulation tools.”

“So, I don’t think that’s going to be the deciding factor whether I continue or not. I plan to be here,” Lewis concluded.

Lewis also seems to be enjoying his time by getting more involved in the development. The Briton has much to prove in the coming races and has certainly relieved his and Mercedes fans, at least for now.

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