“I will try to minimise the damage,” Sergio Perez believes he ‘let down’ Red Bull in sluggish Canadian GP qualifying

Sergio Perez's explanation to his Crash in Q2.

Sergio Perez
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Sergio Perez is starting P13 on the Montreal circuit after the driver managed to bump his car into the walls between Turns 3-4. This mistake caught could turn out to be a disastrous one for Sunday if he doesn’t manage to showcase his overtaking skills to get back to the team with a decent amount of points.

Perez explained the mistake, blaming the weather that caused his breaks to lock up leaving him a flat spot a lap before he crashed. Sergio is determined to reverse all his mistakes done on Saturday with an attacking race on Sunday. Perez with P13 and Leclerc on P19 could turn out to be a close battle if the drivers come out and meet on the track. 

“I let them down today, unfortunately, but I’ve got to be thinking already for tomorrow and hopefully I’m able to recover and get into strong points. Tomorrow I will try to minimise the damage and just attack from lap one onwards and see where we end up,” said Sergio.

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Sergio Perez wreck his car on walls

Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez Crash in Q2

Perez dismissed all the mechanical errors and blamed it all on the cold temperature that forced his tyres to a lock-up. Flat spots occur went one side of your tyre locks up brushing the track and degrading your tyre.

“I was struggling with the brakes, I think they were on the cold side, I had a lock-up into Turn 10 the lap before, I flat spot them, And yeah that probably meant that I was a bit out of shape into Turn 3, became just a passenger as soon as I touched the brake it was a bit too much.” said Perez.

Sergio Perez could affect his P2 in the Championship table after the wreck he managed on Saturday, but to his luck, Charles is 8 places behind him for being his direct competitor. 

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