“I would, yeah, for charity, for sure” :Lewis Hamilton jokes that he would buy former teammate Valtteri Bottas’ butt photo for charity

Lewis Hamilton seems to be one of the eager customers for Valtteri Bottas' butt photo

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas
Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas

A moment that clearly caught the audience’s attention in the 2021 edition of Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ was when the reserved Finnish driver Valtteri Bottas flashed his right butt cheek to the camera when he was filmed relaxing at home in his spa.

Bottas got up and flashed his right butt cheek to the camera, interrupting the picturesque spectacle of magnificent Finnish terrains and a wooden hut housing a spa. None more so than Bottas’ unfortunate trip to the spa captured the interest of the viewers during this ‘Drive to Survive’ season.

Even his peer racers ended up getting in on the quip, with McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo tweeting that he wasn’t certain how he felt about seeing “ALL of Bottas in DTS.” Bottas has shown his humorous side since moving from the high-pressure climate of Mercedes to Alfa Romeo, indicating that he does not take himself too severely.

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Lewis Hamilton joins in on the Valtteri Bottas joke

Lewis Hamilton with Valtteri Bottas
Lewis Hamilton with Valtteri Bottas

Following the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, wherein the Finn finished seventh, he took to social media to display what he was up to in his spare time. He posted an image of himself skinny-dipping in a Colorado creek, and the internet exploded once more. Later that day, Bottas proclaimed that he would be attempting to sell prints of the ‘artwork’ for charity – and it appears that he may have an old teammate among his customers.

Lewis Hamilton was in New York while Bottas was in Colorado, but he was kept informed of the infamous photo. He even said he would buy a copy and that it was one of the best images he had ever seen. “I would, for sure, for charity,” he said when inquired if he would purchase one. “I had no idea it was for sale, but I think it’s a great photo. It’s one of the best photos I’ve ever seen.”

Even after no longer being teammates, Hamilton and Bottas appear to have stayed friends, as the Finn revealed earlier this year. “We actually flew together after the race to Dubai, and we flew from Dubai to Saudi Arabia. So we are still sharing flights. In a way, nothing has changed. We are not team-mates but still mates. It’s nice. We have a good relationship in a way. We did achieve quite a bit of things together as team-mates. I think that kind of friendship will for sure last too,” said Bottas in an interview ahead of the Spanish GP.

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