“If a new team is able to bring us more than it costs, we should sit down and talk about it” :Toto Wolff voices skepticism about new teams joining the grid

Toto Wolff voices skepticism regarding inclusion of new teams in the motorsport

Mercedes' team boss Toto Wolff
Mercedes' team boss Toto Wolff

Michael Andretti is determined to succeed in Formula One. Alpine is his desired alliance team. The existing ten teams, on the other hand, remain uncertain, and not just because they immediately take a loss. Michael Andretti and his teams compete in a variety of racing series. Andretti Autosport competes in the IndyCar Series, the IMSA, Formula E, the Australian V8 Supercars, and, most lately, the Extreme E.

Michael Andretti submitted an application to the FIA for 11th place at the squad. In theory, the domain can accommodate 12 racing teams. The FIA is still yet to answer to the Americans, owing to a need for a process to determine the eligibility requirements under which a new team will be welcomed. The one from 2015, when Haas won the bid, is no longer valid.

The FIA also requires permission from the rights owners. Liberty has always stated that it will only broaden the sector if it provides an irrefutable profit to Formula 1. If the review is favourable, the association will be required to publicize eleventh place. There may be additional entrants. Everyone would then be required to demonstrate that they fulfil all of the prerequisites.

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Toto Wolff and Christian Horner react to debate of inclusion of new teams in F1

Michael Andretti
Michael Andretti

Although the ten existing teams have no say in this system, they are busy creating discourse. Nobody tries to openly express their true feelings. Seen between boundaries, there is a lot of paranoia. Repudiation is another word for it.

“I am sure that an American team with an American driver would be an advantage. But today we divide the income by ten. All teams have invested considerable sums over the last ten years to get there “If a new team is able to bring us more than it costs, we should sit down and talk about it. So far, that hasn’t been proven,” expressed Mercedes’ team principal Toto Wolff.

“Well, obviously, you know naturally for the current signatories to the Concorde agreement, it makes total logical sense to say that the 10 teams or 10 franchises have an intrinsic value and you dilute that by increasing the number. You know, theoretically, it should be a Liberty [Media’s] issue to address if they want new teams to come in,” voiced Wolff’s Red Bull colleague Christian Horner.

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