“It’s kind of gross”: Daniel Ricciardo jokes and admits ‘Shoey’ as being gross

Daniel Ricciardo talks about doing his customary shoey on the podium in the Grand Prix's and jokingly admits that it is a bit gross.

McLaren racer Daniel Ricciardo is known all around the F1 paddocks for his magnetic personality and cheerful laughs. The Aussie 32-year-old has always been one of the most popular drivers on the grid because of the various antics that he pulls off within his team, on his teammates, and also while he’s up there on the podium after coming in the top 3 in the Grand Prix’s.

The eight-time F1 Grand Prix winner has made it a custom to celebrate his podium finishes with a “shoey” to pay homage to his Australian roots. While the tradition might seem bizarre to the audience from the rest of the world, Daniel’s die-hard fanbase from Australia went wild when he went up on the podium at the 2016 German Grand Prix and poured savoury champagne into his sweaty boots and chugged the drink from it.

Over the years, Daniel Ricciardo’s name has been forever etched alongside the Aussie tradition of performing a “shoey”, and other motorsports racers have also adopted it. A few days ago, MotoGP racer Jack Miller, who won a podium finish at the French Grand Prix, celebrated his P2 with a classic shoey as well. Now, Daniel Ricciardo has spoken up about whether he thinks the shoey is a bit gross or not, and if he will continue the tradition in future.

Daniel Ricciardo says he knows he has “made it a thing” to do the shoey on the podium

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton did a shoey after winning the Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo recently did an interview with GQ Sports during the days leading up to the much-anticipated Spanish Grand Prix 2022. While the McLaren driver was asked about his performance in the season and his expectations from it, he got a quick question about his custom of doing a “shoey”.

Speaking about the quirky yet fun tradition that Ricciardo is considered to have started in the history of Formula 1, the Aussie racer said, “Over the years, I have certainly made it a thing, the shoey on the podium.” He also admitted that the shoey is a bit gross by saying, “It’s tough cause I’ve raced 90 minutes in this boot and it’s pretty hot. There’s definitely a lot of sweat and it’s kind of gross.

Daniel Ricciardo has made sure he is not the only F1 racer to have participated in doing the customary shoey on the podium. Seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton and his current McLaren teammate Lando Norris have also done it. While it has been a while since Daniel Ricciardo’s fans saw him up on the podium, he has assured that McLaren is improving its car and soon, they will be in a position to aim for podiums again.

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