‘It’s not his fault’: Jolyon Palmer blames Ferrari for Charles Leclerc missing out on a podium finish at the British GP

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are now only 11 points in the title fight.

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc
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Jolyon Palmer, BBC F1 broadcaster, blamed Ferrari for fading the hopes of a title-winning run Charles Leclerc is on after ruining his probable win in the British Grand Prix. Charles finished fourth in Silverstone when he could have easily fought for the win, even with a broken front wing. Ferrari, yet another time, came out with their poor strategy that took out Charles from the fight for the top and gave that victory to Carlos Sainz.

This isn’t the first time Charles has been been given false hope for a victory this season, last five races have all been the ruins of Ferrari that most probably took 4 out of the 5 wins he could have won. With a great opportunity this weekend, Leclerc should have managed to pick out the bulk of points on Max Verstappen and could have got a grip over the title contention. 

“Leclerc was quicker with a damaged front wing. He should have had the race, but Ferrari pitted Sainz and didn’t pit Leclerc – and he’s the main guy in the championship,” said Palmer.

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Jolyon Palmer on Carlos Sainz vs Charles Leclerc 

Carlos Sainz(on the left) and Charles Leclerc(on the right)
Carlos Sainz(on the left) and Charles Leclerc(on the right)

Mid-British Grand Prix saw a troubling moment for the Ferrari’s on whom to let the lead of the race keep on with, leading them to make a decision of “Free to Fight” between Carlos and Charles. Even though Charles was way faster than Carlos with a broken front wing, Ferrari didn’t seem to understand the pressure the 4-time race winner is on. 

“Leclerc was the stronger driver at Ferrari today. I’m really chuffed for Carlos Sainz but it wasn’t actually his best day today. There were also question marks over whether they should have let Leclerc through past Sainz earlier on when Leclerc was so much quicker. He wasn’t very happy about it from the cockpit.” said Jolyon.

Charles is now 43 points off Max Verstappen, 9 points behind Sergio Perez and 11 points ahead of Carlos Sainz in the championship. This leads to a question, is Charles the dominant one in the championship hunt now or Carlos should let to fight for it too. 

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