“It’s not like I needed a kick in the butt,” Daniel Ricciardo blasts Zak Brown over his “brutal assessment” of the Australian

Daniel Ricciardo on his conversation with McLaren CEO Zak Brown.

Daniel Ricciardo (L) and Zak Brown (R)
Zak Brown insists that his relationship with Daniel Ricciardo is fine.

Daniel Ricciardo has had a tumultuous time this season at the McLaren Formula One team and has come under heavy criticism from McLaren CEO Zak Brown who has publicly defamed the Australian by indicating that his seat at the team was not guaranteed.

Since then a lot has been said in the press with analysts jumping in on the Zak-Daniel saga to try to get to the bottom of the whole situation.

Ricciardo’s last two races for the team have panned out well for the Australian and in the process, he has been able to finish ahead of his teammate Lando Norris.

In Baku, Ricciardo took advantage of a Virtual Safety car to score some good points with a P8 finish, and in Canada, the Australian ended the race just out of points in P11 whereas his teammate Norris finished a disappointing P15 after suffering from a bad pit stop.

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo considered following in George Russell’s footsteps in trying the slick tires.

The last two weekends for the 32-year-old have been fairly positive and with the British Grand Prix next on the horizon, it would be extremely beneficial for him to build upon the good performances of Baku and Canada.

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Daniel Ricciardo on his conversation with McLaren CEO Zak Brown

McLaren CEO Zak Brown
McLaren CEO Zak Brown

Zak Brown has been brutal this season with his assessment of Daniel Ricciardo and has said some things that should not have come out in the public. The relations at McLaren between the two are not good at the moment as there is tension in the British camp.

Daniel has previously said that he has a “thick skin” and can take criticism as it is a part of the sport but has also indicated that Brown should not have gone into the public to make certain remarks.

Since their verbal tussle, the two have sat down together to lay everything on the table and after their discussion, Ricciardo has said, “Surely Zak and I had some talks and spent time together. It’s not something you do once a year or once every two months, but it’s not like I needed a kick in the butt. I am not a fool. I know my results, I know what’s good and what’s not.”

It’s up to the team to try to figure out if there is anything they can do to help me. It seems to me that after Monte Carlo we took a small step forward in the simulator, where we tried a few things. And even if our result in Canada hasn’t been good, the last two weekends have certainly been better and more promising.”

Daniel Ricciardo Mclaren
"It's not like I needed a kick in the butt," Daniel Ricciardo blasts Zak Brown over his "brutal assessment" of the Australian 2

Daniel has clearly admitted that his performance hasn’t been up to the mark but has also indicated the fact that he has started making progress and that it is also up to the team to help him out in any way possible to make himself as comfortable as possible in the MCL36.

Riccardo is someone who is adored by the fans and to see him sound optimistic ahead of the British Grand Prix is sure to bring smiles to the faces of his die-hard fans.

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