“Team principal? It looks like a tough job,” Jenson Button opines on his future in Formula 1

2009 Formula 1 champion, Jenson Button explains his standpoint on being a team principal of a future team on the grid.

Jenson Button

The Formula 1 is an ever growing sport and has become rather popular of late in new markets. This as resulted in speculation of new teams entering the sport and taking part in the pinnacle of motorsport. A Formula 1 team’s success is not only determined by the man behind the wheel. However, it is a team effort which takes contribution from everyone at the top to the bottom in the hierarchy.

At the top of the hierarchy is the team principal of any constructor on the grid, who is responsible for managing the whole team. The current rules and regulations of Formula 1 allow upto 13 teams to take part in a race. Names such as Audi, Porsche and Andretti are said to join the sport in near future. Each of these teams will look forward to have the most competent team principal to be in charge of the fresh blood on the grid. One such name linked to be the future team principal of one of these teams is Jenson Button.

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Jenson Button reflects on his time in Formula 1

Jenson Button
Jenson Button

The British racing driver won the 2009 Formula 1 world championship as a part of the Brawn GP team. The driver reflected on his former team mates by saying “I think Rubens [Barrichello], because Rubens’ engineering skills were extraordinary. There was nobody that came close to Rubens, so for me it was great having him as a team-mate. Kevin Magnussen – [you can] kind of see what he can do now, right? He’s pretty quick, but he was quick from the word ‘go’. I think the mental side of the sport hurt him the most when we were team-mates.”

The former world champion is the proud owner of the JBXE Extreme E team and is a senior advisor for the Williams currently. Jenson Button elaborated on his ambitions as a future team principal by saying “Team principal? It looks like a tough job. Yes, lots of arguing with other team principals, but who knows what the future holds? I feel too young at the moment, there’s a lot of other stuff I’d like to do but, yeah, maybe one day.”

The Brit concluded by commenting on which tracks he would like to see Formula 1 visit in the future. He said “I think Los Angeles,” he said. “Being selfish, because that’s where I live. Or London…London would be a great grand prix. I know there has been talk about it for years. One day it might happen.” Button remains to be one of the most experienced personnel in the paddock and definitely is a frontrunner for being incharge of a new Formula 1 team.

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