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Kevin Magnussen expects the new regulation to give “everyone a chance” this season

Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher also talk about the Fight for the Mid Feild.

Haas driver, Kevin Magnussen, provides insight into the number of changes new Aerodynamic regulations have brought to the grid. Now everyone has a chance to be competitive without any excuses.

No one can tell this better than the American team, Haas, itself. The team was out of points last season and was the epitome of backmarkers until the previous year.

With the drivers Roman Grojean and Kevin Magnussen out of the Haas in 2020, the team brought all new drivers and sponsors in 2021. 

But 2022 again saw a shuffle in the seats of the car with Kevin making an entry again in Formula 1 removing Nikita Mazepin. The 29-year-old after coming back in the first race of 2022 managed to finish P5 marking his best finish and gifting the American team with their first points in 2 years.

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Haas is currently 8th in the constructor table with 15 points to their name. The team could thank the new regulations that have brought all the teams very close to fighting for that midfield spot. Kevin has similar views regarding the fight for the current midfield  “I think there’s probably a good chance the competitive order will change around a little bit this year,”

Who will win the midfield fight according to Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher?

Haas fighting a Mercedes

Currently, the midfield fight has Mercedes, McLaren and Alfa Romeo had been in good structure to fight, with Mercedes comfortably in third with 96 points, Mclaren with 46 points and Alfa Romeo has been looking good this season with 31 points.

Magnussen also talked about the fight going on in the thick mid-table, he expects all the teams down the list to also take a shot in the fight if they get their upgrades right in the races ahead.

 “We’ve seen Mercedes out of shape, sometimes Alfa Romeo has been up there almost with podium pace and other times we have been up there, so the competition is very tight and I think it will make for an interesting season,” he said.

He is anyway enjoying the current status and is happy to be back, “I think it’s way more interesting and a lot more fun. I’m certainly enjoying my time.”

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Mick Schumacher is one of two drivers on the grid who hasn’t been able to score any points this season, the other one being Williams Nicolas Latifi. But lately, he also has been in a good pace and position but has been unlucky scoring no points. He also presented his thoughts on the fight for the middle.

 “I’m sure we’ve already seen quite a few changes,” said Schumacher. “Teams are still very close together and that’s what we want to see, that’s what this whole change was about.”

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