“I don’t feel it’s forced”: Daniel Ricciardo talks about F1’s newfound popularity in USA 

McLaren racer Daniel Ricciardo is lending his insight into the newfound fame of Formula 1, and he has also talked about why he feels this fame is not forced.

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo

Formula 1 has always been regarded as an elite sport, meant only for the rich and the wealthy in the princely states of Europe. But in the recent times, the sport has attempted to make headway in the direction of the United States, to capture a larger market in order for F1 to become a truly worldwide phenomenon. While F1 is quite popular in the European countries, and some parts of Asia and Australia, the travel across the pond to the US had been a difficult one for this sport as they could not garner enough attention from the Americans.

The ownership of Formula 1 changed hands from Bernie Ecclestone to Liberty Media in 2017, and that huge deal paved the way for the future of this sport. While previously F1 had been a closed down affair, Liberty Media wanted to bring it to the world so that F1 became even more popular and more grand an event. The Americans play a big part in the globalization of Formula 1, but they were mostly acquainted to NASCAR and IndyCar until recently.

Now, the FIA have made several attempts to take over the American market. The popular Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive’ has made sure Formula 1 is a household name amongst all the motorsport fans who have watched the series in the US. And with that, the FIA decided to arranged for three Grand Prix’s in Las Vegas, Miami, and Austin to be held in 2023. And now, Daniel Ricciardo is dishing on some news on the popularity of F1 in the States.

Daniel Ricciardo reckons Formula 1’s popularity in USA is not forced at all

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah

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Drive to Survive has accelerated F1’s popularity in the United States to a huge extent, and the FIA is ready to cash in on the success of the hit Netflix series.

The first-ever Miami Grand Prix in the Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, found huge success, with a major chunk of 18-49 year olds tuning in to watch F1 instead of the NASCAR event which was also being held on the same date.

McLaren racer Daniel Ricciardo chipped in with his opinions on Formula 1’s newfound popularity in the United States. He said, “I don’t feel it’s forced, you know, everyone’s pushing it because everyone wants to see it and the interest is so high and it’s been really cool.”

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