Lando Norris suffering from ‘hay fever’ and ‘eye issues’ ahead of Spanish GP

Lando Norris was evidently suffering from a major hayfever during the Spanish GP qualifying.

Lando Norris
Lando Norris

During the qualifying session yesterday, it was revealed that Lando Norris has been suffering from a very bad cold which is making it difficult for him to focus. 

He had been suffering from the past few days and it had not got any better even on the day of qualifying. 

It was quite obvious after a disappointing performance from Lando Norris, where he couldn’t make his way through Q2 after a successful lap time of his was deleted. 

Norris had set a lap time good enough for him to try a chance at Q3, but apparently he had made a wide exit at turn 9 of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which had him going off limits on the track. 

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That lap time got deleted and by the time this information came to him, there was no time to set another lap as Q2 had already come to an end, making Mick Schumacher in Haas go into Q3 after a valid and faster lap. 

“I don’t think anyone in the history of racing on this track has been done for track limits there,” Norris said. “I must be the first.

“A bit surprised. The amount of track you can actually use there is only about one car’s width before there’s gravel.

“I thought I was at least on the line still, but obviously not. I think when you look at my onboard it looks like I’m on the line, but apparently from their outboards I’m not.

“I’ve never been done for track limits there before, I don’t think anyone has, so it’s a bit weird,” is what Lando had to say about the incident, as quoted by The Race

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Norris evidently suffering from poor health conditions 

Lando Norris
Lando Norris

It could be clearly seen in the post -qualifying interview that Lando Norris wasn’t at all good at health as water was clearly dripping from his eyes. 

He had earlier stated; “suffering with my throat, my eyes & seeing, which doesn’t help. My sleep & energy levels – was just happy to do the lap I did with the w/end we’ve had.”

So clearly, all these conditions probably made it difficult for him to drive during qualifying, which would now make him start the race from 11th on the grid, just 2 places behind his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo. 

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