Lewis Hamilton outright blames Aston Martin as he alleges ‘they tried to copy a car’

Lewis Hamilton was not hesitant in calling out the Aston Martin squad for outright duplicacy as they allegedly copied Red Bull's RB13.

Lewis Hamilton outright blames Aston Martin as he alleges ‘they tried to copy a car’

Lewis Hamilton (via IMAGO)

The Mercedes crew suffered an unlucky stint in the 2023 season of Formula 1. After quickly losing out the chance to win the constructor’s to Red Bull, Mercedes barely managed to clinch a P2 finish in the season. However, Lewis Hamilton addressed these issues alongside denigrating the Aston Martin team for copying a car.


Lewis Hamilton has claimed that Aston Martin’s AMR23 was a cheap copy of Red Bull’s RB13. He called out the Silverstone-based team for blatantly copying a car’s design and added how it did not replicate the same performance as the RB13. Hamilton highlighted the trial and error process of a vehicle development but he also highlighted the nervousness of making too big a change and failing.

Look at the Astons, they tried to copy a car, and it wasn’t the same. It is not as easy as that. You have to try and take the good parts and through trial and error just try to add other parts. But you can imagine they are also nervous of making too big a change and it being the wrong one.

Hamilton said, as reported by express.co.uk

The Briton further talked about the timeline of car’s development and how the teams have limited resources as compared to one another. He added how a team cannot throw away a concept and start from scratch. However, he also did comment that you cannot copy the model of a car and use that as grounds for development of a vehicle in Formula 1.

The thing is with the timeline you have and the limited resources you have, you can’t just throw it away and start from scratch, you can’t copy a car and start from that.

Lewis Hamilton has recently commented winning a Championship with Mercedes would be better for his legacy

The ex-world champion saw an unforeseeable seasons in recent times. The once dominating driver has been unable to manage a victory in the past two seasons. However, the Briton does not fail to display confidence in his chances for winning the world championship in the following season of Formula 1 as the team has displayed confidence in the developing W15.

Lewis Hamilton winning the 2019 WDC.
Lewis Hamilton winning the 2019 WDC (via beinsports.com)

In addition to this, Hamilton claimed that winning a world championship with Mercedes would be better for his legacy. This comment was made in lieu of him winning an astonishing six titles under the Brackley based team of Mercedes. He also commented how working with the team to build a car capable of winning a championship would be a great deal for his legacy with the team.

Nonetheless, the entire crew at Mercedes have been working on the W15 since a long time. The team has taken a lot of learnings from the mediocre W14 in this season and are aiming at creating a vehicle capable of fighting the Red Bulls at the forefront. However, the development for W15 continues over the winter break for the team.

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