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Red Bull slashes upgrade plans for Spain; surprise package due for Silverstone GP

Also talks about Red Bull's possible upgrades which are now shifted to Silverstone.

Sergio Perez (MEX) Red Bull Racing RB18 - sidepod detail. 12.03.2022. Formula 1 Testing, Sakhir, Bahrain, Day Three. - www.xpbimages.com, EMail: requests@xpbimages.com © Copyright: Batchelor / XPB Images

Recently rumours of Red Bull spending 75% of their developing budget spread like a wildfire. But now it is being said the Austrian team has only spent 18% of their total budget. With no major upgrades in Spain, Red Bull plans to bring the upgrades to Silverstone.

Mattia Binotto, Ferraris team principal, in an interview mentioned their rivals have spent 75% of their total budget and that’s what’s giving Ferrari a heads up on Red Bull. 

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After the loss in Imola and Miami with a good margin, Ferrari got themselves in a worrying situation not able to compete with their rivals, until depending on the reliability issues that might hand over a win to them.

The Tifosi are completely frustrated with the pace and differences both teams had in the last two races. Led them to ask a question on when the Red team are coming with major upgrades, to which the principal answer was the very next race, in Spain Barcelona.

What were the possible upgrades for the Red Bull team?

Major Changes appearing in Spain are now to appear in Silverstone for Red Bull Racing

Red Bull was expected to bring adjustments in both on the engine level and also on levels of aerodynamics. RB18 only doesn’t need to improve their design but also needs to get ahead with the weight shredding motion introduced in Imola where they almost cut down 4 kgs of the total weight by introducing a lighter floor.

The goal is to reach 798 kg for that they need to redesign a lot of components into only on the body but also on the aerodynamic parts.

Parts like hub carriers and heat exchangers or the cooling system need to be unsprung.

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On the Aerodynamic parts, modifications were expected on the diffusers and the floor leading edge to give the car that corning control it has been struggling with.

But with no upgrades in Spain, we cant expect them to be all out once in Silverstone after suspecting the upgrades rivals will bring.

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