Max Verstappen asserts that it’s ‘naturally a little bit harder for a woman’ to drive in Formula One, but insists it can be overcome with training

Max Verstappen claimed women could potentially reach the pinnacle of motorsports with sufficient training, though it is significantly harder.

Max Verstappen asserts that it’s ‘naturally a little bit harder for a woman’ to drive in Formula One, but insists it can be overcome with training

Red Bull's Max Verstappen. (Via IMAGO)

Women in Formula One have had an increasingly significant presence in the pinnacle of motorsports, with multiple programs being introduced to promote their participation. The W series ran for multiple seasons, eventually being replaced by the F1 Academy.

Max Verstappen, son of two racing drivers, thinks it’s possible for women to get into the top league in formula racing with sufficient training. The Dutchman said it’s naturally more tough for women, especially considering the higher percentage of men in the lower sects of motor racing. Verstappen said a woman who’s experiencing good success in lower leagues could potentially reach Formula One.

I think physically driving F1 in some places is quite tough but I do think it's all trainable if you work hard for it, but it is naturally a little bit harder for a woman…If there's a woman who is beating everyone else, then they will have the opportunity to get to Formula 1

F1 Academy, a Formula Regional equivalent exclusively for women, held its first-ever season in 2023. Spaniard Martha Garcia won the inaugural season of the brand-new championship. F1 also saw its most recent woman test a Formula One car since Susie Wolff for Williams, as Jessica Hawkins drove hot laps in an Aston Martin F1 car.

Max Verstappen admits vulnerability of RB19

The Red Bull RB19 has officially staked its claim as the most dominant Formula One car of all time. Winning 20 of the 21 Grands Prix in 2023 so far, the super-quick vehicle broke multiple records, spearheaded by World Champion Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Verstappen won eighteen races in the 2023 season, and of the other three only one was won by another team. The Dutchman claimed that the car did have its weaknesses, however. Low speeds, bumpy circuits, and street circuits do not show the optimal performance of the car, said the 3x World Champion. 

On street circuits, I think we are struggling a bit more, like in Vegas also.Lower speeds is definitely not our strongest point in the car – bumps, kerbs as well – so that’s definitely a big area where we can get improved.
Max Verstappen said, as reported by

Red Bull came close to letting by another win to the Scuderia Ferrari in 2023, as Charles Leclerc charged to the lead in the Las Vegas Grand Prix. A safety car aided Red Bull to take a double podium, though, with Verstappen winning his 53rd Grand Prix, equalling Sebastian Vettel.

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